5000+ Photoshop Brushes Bundle From Inventicons

DealFuel brings to you a massive, exceptional, and unmatched bundle of diverse Photoshop Brushes, designed by Inventicons.

A collection of 5000+ diverse Photoshop brushes that are perfect for –

  • Digital paintings,
  • Graphic designs,
  • Web designs,
  • Graphic printing,
  • Textile designs,
  • Apparel,
  • Home decor,
  • Packaging for multiple varieties of products, or
  • Adding a flair to your brand.

You know what is special about this bundle?

  • This bundle also includes handmade brushes, dried on paper then processed in Photoshop.
  • These brushes are high resolution and add realistic details to the design.
  • You can play with colors while using this set to match your brand or project without compromise on quality.
  • And you just need some basic knowledge of Photoshop to use them

The following Photoshop Brushes are included in this bundle –

  • Ink-Stroke Brushes
  • Letters & Numbers Brushes
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • Grunge Brushes
  • Charcoal Brushes
  • Arrow Brushes
  • Crosshatch Brushes
  • Monogram & Stamp Brushes
  • Canvas Brushes
  • Dust & Smoke Brushes
  • Rock & Grass Brushes
  • Water Splash Brushes
  • Half-Tone Brushes
  • Element Brushes
  • Cloud Brushes
  • Firework Brushes
  • Thread Stitch Brushes
  • Texture Brushes
  • Spray Brushes
  • Stain Brushes

Here’s a Preview of This Bundle-

Deal terms-

How to download this product?
This bundle is available as an instant download after completing your purchase. You will receive the links to the downloadable files.


Is Lifetime Access available for this product?
Yes, you get Lifetime Access to this bundle.


This is a lifetime deal. So how long will I have access to this deal? 
As per the terms negotiated with the vendor, you will have lifetime access to this deal.
Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product. 
We do try to get great products with longevity for our customers, but products do get acquired, or sometimes they do go bankrupt. Many of these products are startup companies and hence they give us a great deal for our customers. But in case of an unfortunate situation, where the product does not last long, there is not much DealFuel can do about it.


What are the system requirements for using these Photoshop Brushes?
This bundle works with all “Paid Versions” of Photoshop.


Can this product be accessed on all devices?
No, this bundle can be accessed only on Windows/Mac Desktop.


Is support available for this product?
Yes, FREE support is available.
For support contact – [email protected]


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