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Encryption application can work where software security fails!


 MasterCrypt is an easy-to-use encryption application that encrypts and decrypts your files and folders.

With MasterCrypt even if your security software fails, hackers would still find it almost impossible to do anything with any encrypted data that might be exposed.


Here Are Some Key Features Of MasterCrypt Encryption Application:

  • Security-first practice
    MasterCrypt follows a security-first practice. This means that security is its highest priority and first consideration. Thus, while MasterCrypt seeks to make encryption more convenient, it always defers to maintaining a high level of security.
  • Easy to Use
    Keeping your files secured should not be difficult and MasterCrypt makes it easier than ever to do so. Open, edit and share a secured file directly with a double-click.
  • Effective
    It is a simple, and portable app that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files.
  • An innovative, convenient and secure crypto app
    A strong security measure is needed to protect confidential data from being stolen or tampered with. The way to solve this problem is to use file encryption software.
  • User-friendly interface
    The application has a user-friendly interface and doesn't require constant attention. No additional skills are required to use this software.


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Here's How You Can Encrypt Your Data Using MasterCrpt Encyption Application:


encryption application

encryption application 2

encryption application 3  

FAQs For MasterCrypt Encryption Application:

  • How do I encrypt a file or folder?
If you haven't already, walk through the setup and set your MasterPass. To encrypt a file or folder, first launch MasterCrypt and verify your MasterPass. After doing so successfully, you will see the main MasterCrypt window with an orange area. Here, you can simply drag-and-drop or click to select the file/folder you wish to encrypt. Once MasterCrypt is done encrypting your file/folder, it will show you the encryption information (i.e. the encryption key and the path of the encrypted file) in a new window. To encrypt another file/folder simply click the back arrow at the bottom left and start-over 😉
  • How encryption process works on MasterCrypt?
When encrypting a file, MasterCrypt first creates a temporary hidden directory, namely '.crypting'. It then encrypts the user-selected file with the crypto defaults and flushes the encrypted data to a file in the directory, namely 'data'. If it is a directory then it is compressed first (tar). It also writes the public credentials to a file within the same directory, namely 'creds'. Finally, MasterCrypt compresses the directory to a tar archive with the name of the user-selected file and the '.crypto' extension appended to it.
  • How do I decrypt a CRYPTO file?
The following instructions assume that the CRYPTO file that you wish to decrypt is being used with the same MasterPass that you set at setup and also that you have not reset it since that time. If this is not the case, please refer to Reusing the same MasterPass.
To decrypt a CRYPTO file, first launch MasterCrypt and verify your MasterPass. After doing so successfully, you will see the main MasterCrypt window with an orange area. Here, you can simply drag-and-drop or click to select the CRYPTO file that you wish to decrypt. After a few seconds, the process will complete and you will see some information about the file and its original encryption in a new window. By default, the decrypted file has the same name as the name of the original file (i.e. the encrypted file name without the .crypto at the end).
  • How decryption process works on MasterCrypt?
The decryption process is essentially the inverse of the encryption process. During decryption, MasterCrypt creates a temporary hidden directory named '.decrypting'. It then reads the credentials from the creds file and decrypts the data file into the original file or directory (after decompressing it) with its original name and extension, as deduced from the CRYPTO file name (e.g. the extension for "file.txt.crypto" would be ".txt").
  • How do I encrypt multiple files?
MasterCrypt can encrypt an entire folder so you can put them in a folder or, alternatively, compress them into an archive (like a .zip) and then just pass it to MasterCrypt 😉
Why am I getting the "Corrupted MasterCrypt file or trying to decrypt on a different machine." error?
This error means that either your MasterCrypt file (i.e. the data file) is corrupt/tempered, that you are on a different machine than the one originally used to encrypt the file or that you have previously reset your MasterPass. For the last two cases, please refer to Reusing the same MasterPass and Achieving portability and the same MasterPass reuse.
  • How MasterCrypt secures your data?
MasterCrypt never stores your MasterPass in memory or on the filesystem. This substantially improves the security of your MasterPass. You are only asked to enter the MasterPass when you first set, reset or verify it. Whenever you enter your MasterPass, MasterCrypt derives a MasterPassKey (using a set of generated credentials) and then immediately discards the MasterPass. The MasterPassKey is then securely stored in memory and used to derive the encryption keys. Since these credentials are derived via a one-way function, they cannot be used in any way to derive the MasterPass.
MasterCrypt generates a new set of random credentials for deriving the MasterPassKey every time the MasterPass is set (at setup) or reset. MasterCrypt employs randomness to mitigate brute-force attacks and thus drastically improve security.


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Which devices does this software support?
This Software is available only for Windows PC


How to download this product?
You can instantly download this product after your purchase is complete.
You will receive a download file for this software along with the license key.


How to redeem the license key?
You will receive an instructions file to redeem the license key.


Is Lifetime License Available for this product?
Yes, a Lifetime License is available.


Are Lifetime Updates Available?
Yes, Free auto-updates are available for Lifetime.


Is Support available for this product?
Yes. Free support is available.
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