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At the end of this course, you will not only know about web servers, NGINX and Apache servers, but you will also be able to successfully configure, set up and deploy web servers from the start to finish.

Let’s take a detailed look at everything that you will learn in this course:

  • A detailed introduction into webservers and Nginx, along with what is HTTP protocol, why should you install Nginx, and Apache vs. Nginx
  • The different ways to install Nginx
  • Directives, configuration files, context types and variables
  • Different modules including core, events, HTTP and optional
  • A breakdown of how Nginx works
  • How to deploy websites on the webserver
  • The LEMP Stack including installing, configuring and deploying apps
  • How to monitor your web server for errors
  • Integrating security and SSL certifications
  • Migrating from Apache to Nginx
  • Best tips and tricks, troubleshooting steps, common mistakes, and FAQs about the server

Course Curriculum:

SECTION 1 : Introduction to Nginx
1. Introduction to the course
2. What is a web server
3. What is Nginx
4. Practical application of Nginx

SECTION 2 : Nginx Installation
5. Installation
6. Post Installation Procedures
7. Compilation from source

SECTION 3 : Directives in Nginx
8. Introduction to Directives
9. PID Directive
10. The HTTP Context
11. Send file Directive
12. Server Context
13. Location Context
14. Location Pattern Matching
15. Advance Location Matching
16. Try_files directive
17. error_page Directive

SECTION 4 : The LEMP stack- Nginx as Reverse Proxy
18. Nginx as a reverse proxy
19. Lab: Installing MySQL
20. Lab: Installing PHP
21. Configuring Nginx
22. Setting and Running CMS on Nginx
23. Running Application
24. Using WSGI with Nginx
25. Installing NodeJS and Express on Nginx

SECTION 5 : Ensuring High Availability
26. High Availability in Nginx
27. Configure Nginx as Load balancer
28. Understanding Load balancing with Nginx
29. Modifying the Host Header

SECTION 6 : Monitoring your Nginx Server
30. Monitoring Server
31. Centralized Logging
32. Log Rotation
33. NGXTop Tool
34. Stress Testing

SECTION 7 : Security
35. Introduction to Nginx Security
36. Using SSL
37. How Does SSL Work
38. Restricting Web Server Access

SECTION 8 : Advantages of Nginx
39. Why use Nginx

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