Odus AI Chatbots For Human-Like Assistance – 1 Year Plan | Limited Time Offer

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  • Your own AI engine
  • Unlimited Assistants (Multilingual)
  • 100,000 User Messages Per Month
  • 1000+ Zapier WebHooks
  • 300 Training Requests Per Month
  • Landing Bot, Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • VoIP (Voice bots), Text messages
  • Telegram, Viber

Teach your bot to communicate like a human! Forget about buttons and linear scripts, no coding required!

Get your own human-like AI chatbots

Odus AI Chatbots For Human-Like Customer Support & Marketing

Odus is the conversational AI-based chatbot platform with an intuitive and non-programming interface. With its remarkable features, Odus aims to implement customer service that can easily be converted to further sales.

  • Unlimited Assistants (Multilingual upto 28 languages)
  • 100,000 User Messages per Month
  • 1000+ Zapier WebHooks
  • 300 Training Requests Per Month
  • Connection to most popular messengers
    • FB Messenger,
    • Whatsapp Business API,
    • Telegram,
    • Viber,
    • Text messages
    • VOIP (Voice bots)
  • Live chat & unlimited operator seats, & much more...

Improve your customer service through Instant Messengers, Voice Calls or your Website without magic or coding!

Buy Odus Human-Like AI Chatbots For A Year

At A Deal Price Of $1788 $69


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What’s Included In The Odus AI Chatbots Special Deal?


  1. Your own AI engine: Teach your bot to communicate like a human! Forget about buttons and linear scripts.
  2. Unlimited assistants: Create chatbots and experiment without restrictions.
  3. 100,000 user messages per month: The number of messages from users per month for all bots together.
  4. 300 training requests per month: Each new version of your bot's neural network should be trained.
  5. No Label: Without our logo in your chat widget and Landing bot widget for websites.
  6. Multilingual assistants: Create chatbots in any of 28 languages.
  7. Unlimited Broadcasts & Sequences: Connect with customers without limits.
  8. Website Widget: Your own widget with color settings.
  9. Landing Bot: Chat module or chat page for your website.
  10. Facebook Messenger: Connecting to the instant messenger
  11. WhatsApp Business API: The connection via WhatsApp Business API. You should get permission by yourself.
  12. VoIP (Voice bots): Voice Calls connection via Voximplant.com or Twilio.com.
  13. Telegram: Connecting to the instant messenger
  14. Viber: Connecting to the instant messenger
  15. Text messages: Connecting to the SMS channel
  16. Live Chat & unlimited operator seats: Connect live operators without restrictions.
  17. Unlimited team members & admins: Work as a team.
  18. Bot Templates: Create assistants in a couple of clicks. Simple bot templates and plugins.
  19. Analytics: Powerful detailed analytics of scenarios, conversions, and dialogs.
  20. User segmentation: Personalize communication with your customers.
  21. Zapier WebHooks: 1000+ Integrations by Zapier!
  22. Your own WebHooks to connect your own software.


Other Highlighting Features of Odus AI Chatbots:

  • Intuitive Dialog Builder
  • Multilingual assistants (28 languages, incl. Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew);
  • Shortcodes For Personalization
  • White Label Agency Program
  • VoIP via Voximplant & Twillio
  • Lead Forms
  • SMS notifications
  • Rich messages
  • Training of bots to be smarter based on the history of communication
  • Flexible Switch to live chat operators based on your rules
  • Broadcasts (incl. scheduling)
  • Connection to the most popular messengers: FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Text messages
  • Web widget and an adjustable landing page
  • Flexible management of support team, incl. assigning roles and switching admins
  • Free online video tutorials
  • Responsive facebook community with fast support (400+ members)


Scale Your Business Without Barriers:


1. More productivity and less staff

Automate customer support or get warm leads on your website and messengers. Use resources efficiently 24/7 every day.

  • Output: 64% of staff costs reduction

2. Speed up your support agents

Odus doesn’t leave you alone with a customer! Even in Live Chats, Odus shows you the best answers to choose from.

  • Output: 32% reduction in the customer waiting time

3. Automate your FAQs in 10 minutes

Just use your FAQs and add several levels of answers to them. Integrate your knowledge base into a chatbot in one click.

  • Output: 78% less operator spends time answering


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This special deal includes all current features, future updates and new features that will appear for the Odus Business Plan tariff.

Support is carried out on a general basis without restrictions.  Upon expiration of the coupon, the user can extend the tariff with a 50% discount on the regular price. 

You need to redeem the coupon code within 7 days of purchase.


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Deal Terms:

  • This is a SaaS product.
  • This product is for a 1-year plan.
  • For support email at [email protected]
  • You need to redeem the coupon code within 7 days of purchase.

Make your chatbots smarter today with Odus AI Chatbots.


Download Odus Human-Like AI Chatbots For A Year
At A Deal Price Of $69 Only!


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