The Entrepreneur’s Bible!

Do you have your own business or are you preparing to launch a new venture?

“Be Awesome at Online Business” guides you through the complete process of creating and refining your online business.

You will learn -

  • How to create and foster an audience
  • Drive sales for your products or services

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Be Awesome at Online Business has no get-rich-quick schemes or shady conversion tactics — just proven advice about what it takes to build a sustainable and honest business.

What the Author Says.... Paul Jarvis!

" I've spent the last 15 years working with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and MTV, plus entrepreneurs with massive digital empires, including Danielle LaPorte, Alexandra Franzen, Linda Sivertsen and Kris Carr (and a whole bunch of amazing folks in between). I've learned what works online (and what doesn't) – and now I'm sharing these no-bullshit lessons to help you succeed.

What other folks are saying

“My phenomenal web designer wrote a book about how to be awesome… online. You should buy it!” Alexandra Franzen,

“This book is the most fun I ever had reading about business!” Maris Dagis,

“This book is a breath of fresh air, I just wish this would have been written two years ago, it would have saved me months of scrambling around and doing crap that didn't matter.” Erin Giles,

“Fledgling brand creators, aspiring online business owners, and anyone who wants the real rundown of what goes into bringing a brand online: this is the primer for you.” Abby Kerr, The Voice Bureau

“Paul has written a book for normal people that answers questions about what makes a business work on the web. This book will dominate the world of online business hopefuls.” Sarah Bray,

What you will learn:

  • Defining your online business
  • Redefining your online business
  • Finding the right web designer
  • Getting an accurate project quote
  • Your project responsibilities
  • Design tips
  • Critiquing mockups
  • Making your website credible
  • Writing effective content
  • Ecommerce
  • Selling self-published products & services
  • Your launch responsibilities
  • Post-launch responsibilities
  • Promoting your website
  • Building a newsletter
  • Using social media


  • eBook is available as an instant download
  • eBook available in pdf and ePub and mobi formats

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