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  • 2 one-click Photoshop scripts
    • Volume 1 – 30 photo effects
    • Volume 2 – 30 photo effects
  • Menu selectable effects
  • All 60 effects applicable at once as JPGs
  • Photoshop CS3 through CC2019

Amaze your loved ones with realistic pencil sketch photos created in a moment.

Transform your images into impactful pencil sketches using 60 Sketch & Mood Effects:

  • 2 one-click Photoshop scripts
    • Volume 1 - 30 photo effects
    • Volume 2 - 30 photo effects
  • Menu selectable effects
  • All 60 effects applicable at once as JPGs
  • Photoshop CS3 through CC2019

Fear not for manipulation of the original photo or layers. It duplicates your file first before editing.

Now complete the look of your pencil sketch images in one-click. Grab these for $24 only.

Let's Stalk These 60 Outstanding Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects! 


Volume 1: 30 Pencil & Mood Effects


Volume 1: Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 1 Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 2

Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 3 Blueline Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 4 Cosplay Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 5 Watercolor Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.1: 6 Medium Pencil
Moods Vol1: 1-15Moods Vol.1: 16-30


Volume 2: 30 Pencil & Mood Effects


 Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2:  Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2: 1 Concept Art  Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2: 2 Hard Shadow  Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2: 3 Pencil Shading  Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2: 4 StoryBook  Pencil Sketch & Mood Effects Vol.2: 5 Stylized1Moods Vol.2: 1-15Mood Vol.2: 1-16-30



What Will You Get In This Deal?

  • This deal includes bundles that are called Mood Effects.
  • There are two volumes of Sketch & Mood Effects.
  • It includes all sort of moods - dramatic, watercolour, marker, pencil, sketch, poster, blue line, cartoon, comic, smoothing and many more.
  • These are Menu selectable effects.
  • You can output all 30 effects at once as JPGs.
  • These effects do not use or manipulate your original image or layers. It duplicates your file first.
  • Layers can be additionally manipulated using these sketch and mood effects.
  • Colour layer (if a colour effect) is pre-masked for the partial reveal of colour.
  • These effects work exceptionally well with portraits, figure studies and composite artwork.
  • Traditional media looks are invaluable for quality storyboard art output.
  • These photo effects work smoothly on Mac OS X or Windows.
  • These are compatible with Photoshop CS3 through CC 2019.
  • Volume 1 and Volume 2 are "lightweight" - so there is just 1 file.
  • There are no additional brushes, backgrounds or styles to load in order to get great results in one click.


List Of Mood Effects Included In Volume 1:

  1. Medium Hard Pencil
  2. Light Pencil Shading
  3. Soft Thick Pencil
  4. B&WGraphic
  5. Saturday Morning
  6. Flat Tone Colour
  7. Colour Graphic
  8. Soft Morning
  9. B&W Inversion
  10. Emerging Colours
  11. Grunge Colour Sketch
  12. Toon Transition
  13. Smoothing Application
  14. Faux Neiman
  15. Crossover Media
  16. Cosplay
  17. Colour Markup
  18. Active Acrylic
  19. Colour Pencil
  20. Circus Poster
  21. Blue Line
  22. Graphic Novel
  23. Moonlight
  24. Sin City
  25. Red Alert
  26. Pearl Gray
  27. Glossy Cosmic Cover
  28. Crossover Watercolour
  29. Ink & Watercolour
  30. Toon


List Of Mood Effects Included In Volume 2:

  1. Pencil Sketch
  2. Shaded
  3. Pencil Drawing
  4. Hard Shaded Sketch
  5. Pencil Shading
  6. Tone Shaded
  7. Soft Shaded
  8. Storybook
  9. Stylized 1
  10. Cinemagraphic
  11. Stylized 2
  12. Dream
  13. Concept Art
  14. Cartooning
  15. Chalk
  16. Outline
  17. Book Cover
  18. Stylized Drawing
  19. Colour Concept
  20. Chalkboard
  21. Soft
  22. Water Paint
  23. Book Cover Rag
  24. Comicbook
  25. Coloroid
  26. Tarot Card
  27. Hard Colour Sketch
  28. Soft Illustrations
  29. Colour Drawing
  30. Editorial


So.. Get Started!!!

Complete the look of your pencil sketch images now in seconds within one-click.


Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is delivered as an instant download.
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle.
  • Commercial license included in this bundle.
  • You can use this bundle for the unlimited number of projects.
  • You can not resell or redistribute this bundle.


Become an artist now. Turn people's head with beautiful pencil sketch photos in a moment.


Grab These 60 Pencil Photo Sketch & Mood Effects
At A Price Of Just $24


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21 reviews for Turn Your Photo Into Pencil Sketch Using 60 Sketch & Mood Effects | DealClub

  1. [email protected]

    Very fast and a great tool to quickly get art-results. Not all effects are usable, some are great and others are realy dissapointing, but overall you can tweak them afterwards to get better or good results after all. Be aware that the picture quality is also very important… garbage in is garbage out.

  2. [email protected]

    This effects bring new Life to your Photos! I use the Effects all the time füor my friends!

  3. soportercc

    I love this tool, sometimes people just want to show their photos in a different way, and this is the right tool to get it. Not all the effects are nice but most of them are very useful.

  4. hawk8d

    Great resources for my needs

  5. [email protected]

    Very good sketches

  6. grewaldigitalmarketing

    Dealclub Hookup! Most of Look similar but Commercial rights is always a plus.

  7. changiasolutions

    amazing effects

  8. enricofra

    Sometimes I need to work with low quality images and this kind of effects are a nice trick to recover low resolution, highly compressed images and let me use them without getting mad in finding substitutes or correcting them.

  9. rudysoto

    60 amazing effects to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of them. My favorites are Cartooning & Book Cover! Try them all and enjoy!

  10. [email protected]

    Nice collection of effects, the sketches effect are the best

  11. Frano

    I am very satisfied

  12. [email protected]

    Easy to use. Pretty fool proof.

  13. FasterWpSites.Com

    Great for free. Dealfuel membership is so worth it.

  14. CityStrongMedia.com

    Really nice for someone who just starting out in Web design business.

  15. hstach85

    Cool effects and a great resource for me.

  16. [email protected]

    Great software. Started using it immediately to spice up family photos from my smartphone and everyone is impressed.

  17. Gabriel.art

    Good deal to create a fast result.

  18. alanmorphew

    Some really nice looking sketch effects here. I’ve got uses for a bunch of them already.

  19. [email protected]

    Amazing product. Now I converr somany pictures like professional artists

  20. [email protected]

    One of the top free deals I’ve seen on the site with of course the fact that upon noticing it, grabbed it without a second hesitation. Photoshop Effects and Actions has been consistently collected by me since I started my self taught graphic design and editing journey. needles to say this is one for the collection

  21. bodoeichstaedt

    very useful!

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