1stFlip: Professional HTML5 Flipbook Creator

Create interactive digital flipbooks with 1stFlip – Professional HTML5 Flipbook Creator.

1stFlip is a professional HTML5 flipbook-making software to create interactive page-flipping books, catalogs, brochures, magazines, eBooks, yearbooks, booklet, portfolio, etc. from PDF and images.

Get the real book experience, smooth flip animation, and digital publishing style.

Highlights of This Flipbook Creator:

  1. Upload your PDF online and read on all devices.
  2. Enrich the content with multimedia, Ready-Made Templates and Themes.
  3. Enjoy responsive flipbook design.
  4. Integrate Google Analytics.
  5. Copy and search text content.


Here’s a Preview of This Flipbook Creator-


Check Out These Flipbooks Live in Action!

What Can You do With This Flipbook Creator?

  1. Create digital flipbook from PDF/images.
  2. Import certain pages of PDF file, preserve original bookmarks, links, or enable searching in the output flipbook.
  3. Embed line, shape, callout, text, image, GIF, music, video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, button and number icon to create interactive flipbook .
  4. Export local flipbooks in 4 formats: html, zip, exe and app.
  5. Create page flip HTML5 magazines, brochures, catalogs, eBooks, yearbook, booklet, portfolio to read on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  6. Upload flipbooks to 1stFlip Cloud instantly or to your website with the built-in FTP.
  7. Share flip magazines to social networks or embed to website, blog in one click.
  8. Manage all online flipbooks with Book Management where you can edit flipbooks, such as private settings, tags, etc.


Pricing Plans:

1stFlip FlipBook Creator:

Deal Price: $99 $24.9


  • Enable/disable original PDF print feature
  • Enable/disable flipbook social sharing
  • Integrate Google Analytics Integration
  • Create Text Version flipbook for SEO
  • Convert to local flipbook in html, zip app and exe formats
  • Publish flipbook as WordPress Plugin, Joomla Module and Drupal Module
  • Publish Flash-HTML5, pure Flash or pure HTML5 flipbooks
  • Add title, keywords, and description to flipbook for SEO
  • Upload flipbooks to 1stFlip server directly
  • Manage all uploaded flipbooks with ease
  • Upload flipbook to your website/server with built-in FTP.
  • Record detailed information of each uploaded flipping book

1stFlip FlipBook Creator Pro:

Deal Price: $299 $69.90


  • Get everything included in the standard version.
  • Insert any PDF Page or image to existing flipbook as new flip page
  • Delete unwanted pages or readjust page order
  • Embed solid line, dashed line, dotted line to any part of any flip page
  • Embed 16 kinds of shapes to any flip page
  • Embed callout or text to any flip page
  • Embed button to any flip page
  • Embed image or GIF to any flip page
  • Embed song to any flip page with built-in sound players
  • Embed local video, YouTube video or Vimeo video to any flip page with built-in players
  • Embed number icons to any flip page
  • Add trigger action (open link, window, slideshow, play audio, etc.) 

Deal Terms –

How to download/activate this product?

This is an online SAAS Tool. After completing your purchase you will receive an instructions document. Follow the instructions to redeem your coupon code and activate your subscription.


What is the validity of the license key/coupon code? (Within how many days the coupon code must be redeemed?)

The coupon must be redeemed within 30 days.


Is Lifetime Access available for this product?

Yes, lifetime access is available.


Are Lifetime Updates available for this product?

Yes, free lifetime updates are available.


What are the steps to receive updates?

Click the “Check for Updates” button within the program to download and install the latest version. Or download the latest version from the website: https://1stflip.com/download.html


Is lifetime support available for this product?

Yes, free lifetime support is available.

For support please contact: [email protected]

Or visit: https://1stflip.com/contact.html


Is this deal for new users only?

No, this deal is for old as well as new users.


How many users can use the license key/coupon code?

One license key/coupon code only can be used by one user.


What are the system requirements for this product?

Standard version:

1stFlip FlipBook Creator for Mac: Mac OS X 10.10- macOS Big Sur

1stFlip FlipBook Creator for Windows: Windows XP and later

Pro version:

1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for MAC: Mac OS X 10.10- macOS Big Sur

1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Windows: Windows XP and later.


Can this product be accessed on all devices?

This product can be accessed on Mac and Windows.

21 reviews for 1stFlip: Professional HTML5 Flipbook Creator

  1. Juergen

    Good Flipbook Creator and brillant easy to use! I produce catalog with it! STar RAting!

  2. rad

    This is a great piece of software, it turns your flat pdf file into a beautiful flipping book. Easy to use and visually attractive.

  3. Joe-Lynn

    I love this Flipbook Creator!!
    Its simple to use and produces some amazing work!

  4. Shravan Kumar

    A new medium to present and publish your content. Beautiful concept. Amazing product

  5. Niraj Kumar

    Helping tool, which can integrate easily on the website with beautiful appearance and easy to use.

  6. Mark

    Easy to use. Beautiful results.
    Highly recommend.

  7. jpinkus

    Love the way this make my presentations stand apart. Great design.

  8. [email protected]

    Seems like a very versatile product creator. I am still playing around trying to learn all of the features. The non-flash ability is crucial for my work.

  9. ycherry.purwanto

    I immediately use it for weeding invitations, and i have got three customers who want to use my services.

    Thank you 1stFlip

  10. [email protected]

    I see dozens of uses for 1stFlip in my business. Looking forward to experimenting.

  11. help-5162

    I am so glad i got this. I needed a good flipbook creator and this was the one. 5 stars for this one. Way to go DealFuel!!

  12. drlois

    this software fits the bill to give customers a quick look inside low content workbooks and journals to see if they want to purchase

  13. Joe-Lynn

    I absolutely love the flipbook creator! I use it a lot and find it very easy to use and very handy.

  14. dmfoneill

    This flipbook app is well worth picking up. It adds more life to a PDF asset!

  15. Victor Ayala

    Very useful to produce web content about any subject withou too much eeffort nor knowledgee.

  16. philltrace

    Great piece of software, easy to use and produces unreal results,

  17. PC1271

    At first glance, this is an amazing piece of software!

  18. alanmorphew

    I think this is the one I’ve been looking for. You did it again, DealFuel!

  19. [email protected]

    This looks like a great product and is much better price then other.

  20. 9d

    Great flipbook it is easy to work with especially when integrate into WordPress

  21. Fran Romeo

    GREAT Flipbook Creator, I’ve used.

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