The Best PSD to WordPress Photoshop Plugin

Create a WordPress Theme or convert a design from Photoshop to HTML / CSS / PHP code with this Photoshop Plugin.

  • No coding - You don't need any PHP, HTML, or CSS skills
  • Easy & fast - Download a PSD template, add a few alterations, and publish a 200mb PSD  in less than a minute!
  • Unique Features - Precise typography, 960 grid, etc

You can design more themes in less time AND make more money!

Grab this PSD to WordPress Photoshop plugin for just $75 (DealClub $56.25)

This PSD to WordPress Photoshop plugin (for Windows only) allows you to create PSD templates with all the necessary WP elements, or converts existing PSD templates into ready-made WP themes.


psd to wordpress photoshop plugin

3 Sample PSD Templates created with this PSD to WordPress Photoshop Plugin

Diablo 3 Game WordPress PSD Template

If you are a Diablo fan, this theme is the perfect starting point for your website.


Flat UI WordPress PSD Template

This new WordPress PSD template has been created with the help of Flat UI PSD kit by DesignModo


Halo 4 Game WordPress PSD Template

Simple, modern and Halo fans oriented theme, created by Divine Elemente team.

Here's what you get:

  • Ability to create a PSD template with all the elements of a WordPress theme.
  • Ability to convert a PSD template into a ready-made WordPress theme
  • Awesome tech support.
  • A free sample of WordPress themes with PSD templates.
  • No monthly fees, just a one-time payment.

You don't need any PHP, HTML, or CSS skills to use Divine Elemente.
It's a must-have for developers and designers.

What others are saying about this plugin:

"Okay, I'm sold. This concept will definitely revolutionize customization. Now I can make themes. This is a pool of creativity." - Tatimaster

"This is going to be a real time saver in creating WordPress templates. As a designer this will save me hours of trying to figure out the code and seeing the visual elements before uploading is excellent." - C. Jarzabek

"I can't describe how happy I am now that I have found this site and your software. I came across it today when I was searching for some easy way to create a WordPress theme without the mess of coding. Can't wait to test the full version. Keep up the good work!" - Anders Ryding Hallin

Deal Terms:

  • This is a Developer License.
  • It requires Photoshop (32-bit only) CS3-CC (Windows XP, Vista or 7 only)
  • For suppport purposes, you will be required to enter a valid name and email upon registering for your license.
  • It includes free support.
  • Divine Elemente works under Windows only. Mac version isn't available yet.

Are you ready to grab this amazingly useful plugin to create your WP Themes just for $75?

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