Quiroga Serif Std Fonts

Use typography to your advantage to create best sellers. Use the Quiroga Serif Std Font to make your copy:

  • Legible at medium and small sizes
  • Clear, helpful and attractive
  • Stylish and unique

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Using right fonts can bring text to life. Selecting the right font for your copy can help to capture the attention of users and sell more.

Preview images for Quiroga Fonts by Tipotype

Quiroga-fonts 5 6 8 9


Key Features:

  • Quiroga Serif was designed for continuous text, legible at medium and small sizes, with great saving of space, optimized for 6, 8, 10 and 12 points.
  • The morphology is a mix between tradition and innovation; it has a vertical axis, thick serifs, tall x-height, light modulation and a lot of internal space between letters: key to improve legibility at small sizes.
  • The main objective of this type is to count with the necessary signs for Latin America, this is to say, that has the set of characters used in official languages and in dialects.
  • The sets available at current time, in alphabetical order, are: spanish, portuguese, quechua, guaranÌ, french, aymara, n·huatl, taÌno, maya, mapudungun.

Company Awards:

The company has won many awards including Tipos Latinos 2008 and the Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño 2010. It was considered on of the best fints of 2013 by  WebDesignerDepot

What you get with this deal:

  • Desktop and Web versions of the Quiroga Serif Std family.
  • 6 Types of fonts included:
    (a) Quiroga Serif Std Regular
    (b) Quiroga Serif Std Italic
    (c) Quiroga Serif Std DemiBold
    (d) Quiroga Serif Std DemiBold Italic
    (e) Quiroga Serif Std Bold
    (f) Quiroga Serif Std Bold Italic
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