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Now you can connect all of your Saas sources and devices from a single search box on web, mobile, and desktop apps. Presenting -

Saasuma - Connect All Your SaaS Products In One Place

With Enterprise Lifetime Subscription

Saasuma lets you search all your cloud software from a single location. It saves a copy of all your files, documents, emails, and more in one place. Video and audio files are searchable as well with the OCR feature which is applicable to all images and PDF as well. In addition, the facial recognition feature will identify faces and search your photos by name in the future.


This software offers full software stack management, from a single location. You can even share your content with your contacts and check the list of content that was shared with you.

That’s not all... Saasuma will also let you transfer your files from one cloud storage provider to another in a couple of clicks.

Few Highlights For Saasuma: 

  • Index your slack and email conversations, allowing you to search across them from a single location.
  • Search across all your most important cloud environments with Saasuma. This includes file storage, note-taking apps, and more.
  • Connect your smartphones and desktop computers to get a single point of search across all those different physical devices across locations
  • Search across files your teammates have decided to share.
  • Switch cloud storage in a couple of clicks.
  • Search files using the facial recognition feature.

Saasuma - Connect All Your SaaS Products In One Place

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saas products


saas products

How Can You Get Most Out Of Your Saas Products With Saasuma?

  • Search all communications
    Saasuma indexes your Slack and email conversations, making sure that you can search across them from a single location.
  • Search across all your clouds
    Search across all your most important cloud environments with Saasuma. This includes file storage, note-taking apps, and more.
  • Search all your team
    Search across files your teammates have decided to share or make available to groups within your wider organization.
  • Search all your devices
    Connect your smartphones and desktop computers to get a single point of search across all those different physical devices across locations
  • Collections & Favorites

- Collections
Saasuma lets users build out bookmarks like lists of the search results that matter for specific subjects.
For eg. if you are searching repeatedly for ‘Images of the team, you can create your bookmarked list of all team images and go to it with a click in the future. You can even make it collaborative so that colleagues can help build out the best bookmark lists for your wider team or organization.

- Favorites
The ‘Favouriting’ functionality is really straightforward. ‘Favourite’ (with the star icon) a search result and subsequently when you search for that search phrase, the ‘favorite’ results will come out on top. You can even choose to inherit ‘favorites’ from other supported locations, for example, ‘starred’ content from Gmail and Google Drive

  • Saasuma for Desktop & Mobile Devices

- Saasuma for Mobile

This software has a fully-featured apps for both iPhones and Android. These apps let you sync content from your mobile devices to Saasuma for easy finding in the future. For example, index your camera roll for search by face. Search is supported from within the mobile apps so you can search across all your cloud sources when you’re out and about.

- Saasuma for Computers

Saasuma has simple to use desktop apps for both macOS and Windows. Install these apps to easily sync your files and folders to Saasuma, making any content you want available within your search results. The Saasuma desktop apps also put search box front and center on your computer. Open the app, search: Get the results you need.

  • Shared Content
    Saasuma works easily Across all shared content

- Lists of Content
Saasuma makes it easy to see what was shared with you by whom across any of your connected sources. Each contact who has shared things with you has a list and you can open this to see all content that person shared with you, by source and when.

- List of Contacts
Saasuma also makes it easy for you to see what you have shared with individual contacts. You get a single page per contact where you can see not only their key profile details but also what was shared with them.

  • Voice to text & OCR

- Speech to Text and OCR
Video and audio become searchable-
Video and audio are really rich mediums for data transference but they aren’t always that easy to refer back to or search across. Until now. Saasuma makes your video and audio files searchable by running them through our sound to text servers. This means that you can easily find the content you need in the future, even if it was shared within a video or audio file. You can plan the files in the search results too.

- OCR applied to all images and PDFs
Saasuma always aims to ensure that your digital life becomes ever more searchable, particularly as your digital files portfolio continues to grow and will do indefinitely into the future as everything in our lives becomes more bits and bytes.
The images and PDFs are run through OCR tools to make sure that these files appear in search results when needed alongside more traditionally ‘searchable’ documents for your saas products.

  • Facial Recognition
    Saasuma runs your images through image recognition servers. This lets you identify faces, and then put a name to the face. From the get-go, you can more readily find the images that matter by searching for sex and age. You can then tag people so that in the future you can search for them by name. Saasuma is your photo search solution for the long term, meaning you never lose your photos.
  • Switch Clouds
    Switch Cloud Storage in A Couple of Clicks

- How it works:
Select your source and destination
Choose the current cloud where your files live and select the new cloud you want to move them to.

- Files are copied across
Saasuma move the files across as your instruction, maintaining folder, and file structure on the new cloud.

- Delete from the source when ready
When you’ve double-checked that everything has moved correctly, you can delete your old cloud.

Integrations Supported By Saasuma - One Place For All Your SaaS Products:

Saasuma currently supports the following integrations:

  • Dropbox,
  • GoogleDrive
  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • reMarkable
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Widows
  • Mac Computer
  • Pipedrive
  • Teamleader
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Favro
  • Scoro
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Fleep
  • Chanty
  • Outlook
  • IMAP
  • Zendesk
  • Google Docs
  • Station
  • Google Calendar
  • Office 365
  • Evernote
  • Confluence
  • Wunderlist
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft Todo
  • Google Tasks
  • Box
  • pCloud
  • OneDrive
  • Egnyte
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Vidthere
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • SendLane
  • SendGrid
  • Get Response
  • Ontraport
  • InfusionSoft

Integrations that are coming soon are the following:

Salesforce, Hubspot, Insightly, Capsule, Copper, Hubspot, Nimble, Monday, Teamwork, Jira, Basecamp, Xero, Quickbooks, ReceiptBank, WorkDay, Filethis, Yammer, Flock, Stride, Skype, Sony Digital Paper, Moleskine, Huddle, MediaFire, SharePoint, HighTail, Citrix Sharefile, WeTransfer, Wistia, Brightcove, Demio, BigMarker, Zoom, EasyWebinar, Docusign, Echosign, Smartsign, PDF Filler, 1Password, Okta, OneLogin.

You can connect each of the mentioned integrations in your settings->integrations section within the web application.

If they are not visible, please contact support and request that they are turned on for your account.


Deal Terms -


How to download this product?
After completing your purchase you will receive an instructions document.
Follow the instructions in this document to redeem the coupon code and activate the product.


What is the validity of the license key/coupon code? (Within how many days the coupon code must be redeemed?)
The coupon code must be redeemed within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Is Lifetime Access available for this product?
Yes, Lifetime Access is available for this product.


This is a lifetime deal. So how long will I have access to this deal? 
As per the terms negotiated with the vendor, you will have access to this deal for a lifetime.
Lifetime means - Lifetime of the product. 
We do try to get great products with longevity for our customers, but products do get acquired or sometimes products do go bankrupt. Many of these products are startup companies and hence they give us a great deal for our customers. But in case of an unfortunate situation, where the product does not last long, there is not much DealFuel can do about it.


Are Lifetime Updates available for this product?
- Yes, Lifetime Updates are available for this product. But only a few updates are available for FREE.
- The other updates, where it is all new functionality are TO BE PAID FOR.
- Also, the updates which are not included in this plan are TO BE PAID FOR.


How to receive these updates?
You need to subscribe to the Saasuma weekly update emails to receive notification emails for these updates.


Is this deal for new users only?
No. It’s available for new users and existing customers.


How many users can use the license key/coupon code?
One coupon code for one user only. However, coupon codes can be stacked.


What are the system requirements for this product?
This product can be used with
OS: Windows 10 Version 14393.0 or higher


Can this product be accessed on all devices?
Yes, this product can be accessed on all devices.


Is lifetime support available for this product?
Yes, FREE support is available for Lifetime.
For support contact - [email protected]


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