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Viral title generator, so you can create 100 highly clickable subject lines and titles from your seed keyword.

(1st)Viral title generatorExpand any keyword into over 5000 long tail expressions direct from Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing, YouTube and ASK so you can uncover the real phrases that people are actually using every day.

(2nd)long tail expressionsTrends reporting, so you can see whether the phrase is increasing or decreasing in demand so you never waste time and money targeting the wrong phrase.

(3rd)Trends reporting

Detailed Competitor Analysis - Do the Effective and precise competitor analysis with the help of Moz. Select the desired data center and get the top 10 competitors from Google for any keyword or url. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors with a single click.


Inbuilt domain checker, to check instantly whether any keyword domains or any brandable domain names are available, so you can rank and flip a site with ease.

(5th)Inbuilt Domain Checker

Instantly pull up to 801 exact match keyword variations with their volume based on 1 seed keyword so you can target high volume niches.

(6th)exact match keyword variationsInstant bar charts illustrate seasonal variations with search terms to show the highs and lows so you know whether to expect a spike in one month or another.

(7th)Instant bar charts

Advertiser competition indicator shows whether the word has buyers or not, so you don’t waste time on words that attract browsers instead of shoppers.

(8th)Advertizer competition indicatorAttract the traffic with MONEY: The cost per click indicator shows how much the keyword is trading for right now so you can virtually guarantee you’ll be attracting buyers.

(9th)Attract the traffic with MONEY

Instant access to Google search from any phrase so you can sanity check the meaning behind word.

(10th) Instant access to Google

Related questions feature takes a seed keyword and reveals the real questions people are asking, so you can engineer your blog posts to directly answer what’s on people’s minds. This is exactly what Google’s Hummingbird is focusing on.

(4th)Related Questions feature

KeywordXP Pro is the best keyword research tool that lets you search timely statistics in order to make the best keyword decisions possible. Explore volume to determine the number of searches being conducted on a monthly basis. Study cost-per-click metrics to determine which keywords advertisers are paying for. Find out exactly how many competitors you are up against and the number of pages that currently exist. Study trends graphs over the past year and determine which long tails are rising.

Features and benefits of KeywordXP Pro


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"I have other keyword tools but when I came across Paul’s product I grabbed it right away. Just bought and played around with it and it’s just AMAZING and so SIMPLE." - Lester Lim

"Awesome piece! – Loving the speed and simplicity." - Simon Warner

"I just bought this. Like many people I have other keyword tools, but one reason why I have not been using them much is because they are often working at snail’s pace which is quite frustrating. This tool however flies! No frustration here. It is a simple tool, and I guess that’s the good thing about it. No learning curve. I can see myself actually using it!" - Sharma Kern

"Fantastic product, one of the things I love is the speed – its faster than almost all other keyword tools I have tried, and it’s bringing back keywords that are actually being used by real searcher’s. So why not rank for the keywords used by real searchers? KeywordXP gives you those keywords, quickly and with no fuss. Absolute gold." - Tim Buchalka

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    Have not received email with product information from company yet.

  2. 4 out of 5

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    I had to contact the company to get the product key etc. but they replied and sent it to me promptly. Their support team are excellent. When I had an issue with getting one of the features to work for me they came back to me fast with a solution that worked. Overall it’s not a bad piece of software, has already saved me time with preliminary keyword analysis for myself and clients.

  3. 1 out of 5

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    Also have not yet received any emails so I don’t have the software I paid for. Bought it 2/29/16 it is now late at night on 3/1/16…

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      Hi Greg, Sorry for this inconvenience. KeywordXP team sent you license and download details just now. Please check your inbox.

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