DIY Book For Internet Entrepreneurs!!!

The first SEO guide with practical, step-by-step instructions for the SEO Apprentice!!! Learn Unique ways to promote your Website.

  • Go from zero knowledge to confident web optimization skills
  • Train to combat Penguin and other Google algorithm changes.
  • Learn the best free and non-free tools to automate routine SEO jobs
  • Start strategizing for long-term top 10 rankings

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Hundreds of new websites are launched daily. Hundreds of novice website owners are looking for ways to promote their sites online – straight to the Google top!

But how does SEO work? What are the exact steps you should take to optimize your site? Oh, and is SEO is still alive, after Penguin, Panda and how else Google names their updates?

You’ll find answers to all these questions in SEO In Practice, the 2nd edition of a famous SEO book by Dan Richmond of Link-Assistant.Com

Unlike other SEO books, SEO In Practice, is all about doing SEO rather than theorizing it. With SEO In Practice, you’ll bedoing SEO from the very first minute This easy to understand, practical SEO manual has already helped thousands of readers master their professional SEO skills. And now, revised and updated to meet every latest SEO trend and changes in Google algorithms, it will help YOU get confident web optimization skills

Can a book on spiders, keyword efficiency formulas and search algorithms be that light-weight and focused?

It sure can! This books will give you an idea how fun, easy and orderly SEO can be!

What’s inside SEO in Practice?

Chapter 1. 100 Keywords for a Good Start

Skills you’ll get:

You’ll discover ins and outs of do-it-yourself SEO. In fact, by getting to the end of the chapter, you’ll have a list of 100 keywords for your site.

Chapter 2. How do we play by Search Engines’ rules?

Skills you’ll get:

You’ll make your site 100% search engine friendly, with all techy stuff like flash vs JavaScript, robots.txt and dynamic URLs at your fingertips.

Chapter 3. An offer they can’t refuse

Skills you’ll get:

You’ll create mind-blowing landing pages for both search engines and people. By the end of the chapter, you’ll actually have 5 magnetic, pushing and simply great landing pages!

Chapter 4. Getting on the move: where your link building starts

Skills you’ll get:

You’ll enjoy A to Z link building mastery! You’ll get hundreds of other people put links to your pages from their sites.

Chapter 5. Finding SEO gems, or how to get premium one-way links?

Skills you’ll get:

You’ll know how to build premium one-way links with our road map to Penguin-safe link building.


As you can see, with SEO in Practice, you’ll to go from zero knowledge to confident web optimization skills.

Can’t wait start optimizing your site?

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What readers say

"I am VERY impressed and grateful for this online guide. What a rich resource - one of the best ever. Easy to understand, comprehensive, succinct and yet filled with helpful examples". -  Ellie Linde

"This online guide is GREAT and it explains SEO in a way that is easy to understand and implement. After a lot of reading and searching over the last 6 weeks I have to say that SEO in Practice provides the ultimate guide!!" - Heinrich Muller

"After spending so much time looking for instruction on internet marketing, it truly is a refreshing change, to get solid detailed information as to how it all works." - Karl Phillips

SEO in Practice has long proved one of the most effective do-it-yourself SEO manuals and now, revised and updated, it's here to arm you with the most up-to-date SEO guidelines.

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