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CoffeeScript is redefining the way JavaScript is written,learning this will allow you to write better JavaScript & achieve more with less effort.

  • Easily work with loops, splats & function binding.
  • Structure your code with classes.
  • Develop a fun 2D platform game.

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Over a Weekend!

And redefine the way JavaScript is written with this SitePoint and Learnable Combo!

  • Write better JavaScript
  • Set up everything you need to begin using CoffeeScript;
  • Easily work with loops, splats, and function binding;
  • Structure your code with classes;
  • Develop a fun 2D platform game.

Grab this for $13 (DealClub $9.75)


What you get with this deal:

  • Digital version of 'Jump Start CoffeeScript'
  • Access to discussion and talk with the experts sessions on Learnable.
  • Two bonus videos taking you through the basics of CoffeeScript.

What is CoffeeScript all about?

Introducing you to Jump Start Coffee Script:


Meet the author-

Sporting a Masters in Information Technology and a lifetime of experience on the Web of Hard Knocks, Earle Castledine (aka Mr Speaker) is a world-renowned JavaScript expert.

When not conducting countless web-based experiments, he’s sharing his expertise to audiences all over the Earle Castledine globe.

In Just One Weekend You'll Learn How To:

  • SET UP Everything you need to begin using Coffeescript
  • EASILY work with Loops, splats, and function binding
  • STRUCTURE your code with classes
  • DEVELOP a FUN 2D PLATForm Game

Table of Contents:

Who Should Read This Book
Conventions Used
Supplementary Materials
Challenge Yourself
Friends of SitePoint
1. Getting Started
HTML5 Game Jam Challenge
Starting the Game Project
Choosing Our Tech
Drawing Something: Using Canvas
We’re on Our Way
2. CoffeeScript Fundamentals
More of the Basics
Introducing Professor Digman-Rünner
The Canvas API
Random Map
Ready to Rumble
3. Features to Boost Your Game
Team Meeting
Functions Revisited
Building Larger Projects
Handling Player Input
Adding the Professor
And There Was Light!
4. Game Loop and Classes
The Game Loop
Game Classes
Adding New Blocks
Stay Classy
5. Bringing a Game to Life
Block Collision Detection
Destructured Assignment 1: Arrays
Ninja AI
Power to the Professor
Set for Life
6. CoffeeScript and HTML5 FX
HTML-ifying things
Game Over
7. Epilogue
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