Sunday Freebie: Pack of 100 Smart Device Icons

Grab today's freebie and get yourself an impressive pack of 100 smart device icons for your projects.

These smart device icons:

  • Can be great communication tools for your web projects
  • Can enhance the readability of your website
  • Can be used for personal and commercial projects

Grab this deal absolutely free for a limited time!

Preview of the 100 Smart Device Icons below, brought to you by


Imagine you are shopping online for a new addition to your living room. You have found the perfect lounging chair and are absolutely in love with it. But one thing is nagging you before you click the "Buy Button". You want to be sure of the dimension of the chair. Gross level dimensions are of course mentioned but you want to know the clear area needed behind the lounging chair to know if the chair is indeed the best fit for your living room.

You cast a glance to search around for a contact number of the store so that you can get this clarified. But couldn't really find it. You slowly lose interest and the website has lost a good sale.

What does this story tell you? Readability.

If the website had better readability, finding key information would be easy. For e.g. rather than adding the contact number in a paragraph amidst other information, using a clean icon for guiding users to a phone number is far cleaner.

So did I get my point across??

It's time to improve your readability with these small wonders. They will surely help your designs become cleaner and better.

Deal Terms:

  • Icons will be available as an instant download.
  • Icons are available .SVG and .PNG format.
  • You can use these icons for your personal & commercial purpose.
  • You cannot resale it.

Ready to grab these amazing smart device icons absolutely FREE today?


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