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social media22 online, self-paced courses:

1) Social Media 101: Business Essentials

This course focuses on:

  1. How businesses use social network
  2. Strategies for brands, public relations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations
  3. Best tools for each type of business
  4. Mapping out a manageable strategy and plan for each tool accordingly

2) Blogging 101: Planning a Successful Blog

This course explores:

  1. Introduction to blogging technologies
  2. Different types of blogs and blogging styles
  3. Successful blogging strategies

3) EXCLUSIVE! Introduction to Social Networking

This course offers an introduction to social networking including:

  1. Popular social networking platforms
  2. Demographics within each platform
  3. Creating a social networking strategy

4) EXCLUSIVE! Introduction to Media Sharing Sites

This course offers an introduction to media sharing communities and explores:

  1. Video, image, document sharing communities
  2. Best practices and optimization techniques

5-11) Social Media Platform Essentials:

This series of courses offers hands-on, step-by-step guides to each of the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook Page Essentials
  • Twitter Essentials
  • LinkedIn Essentials
  • Google Plus Essentials
  • Essentials
  • YouTube Essentials
  • Pinterest Essentials

These courses help you build an optimized presence in each respective platform from the ground up while demonstrating features, tactics, integration techniques, and advanced uses.

12) Social Media Analytics Essentials

Learn to:

  1. Create social media analytics plan based on goals and realistic key performance indicators
  2. Use analytics tools for monitoring success

13) Social Media Widgets Essentials

This course offers an introduction to widgets including:

  1. Different types of social media widgets and plugins
  2. How widgets fit into a good social media integration plan
  3. How to use them to promote the social media presence

14) Social Media Integration and Automation

Social media tools are fantastic at integrating with, and connecting to, each other. This course explores:

  1. Methods of integration and automation
  2. Prominent features the media management tool; HootSuite

15) NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Marketing with Micro Media (Release Date: 11/01/2014)

The popularity of social media platforms and mobile devices has led to what is referred to as the “micro media” trend. This course focuses on how to leverage the micro-media trend by publishing short snippets of optimized content while building relevance across all social media channels.

16) EXCLUSIVE! Flickr, Slideshare, and Other Media Communities

This course explores best practices and integration techniques of other media communities such as:

  1. Flickr
  2. SlideShare
  3. DocStoc
  4. Instagram, and other mobile-first media communities.

17) EXCLUSIVE! Introduction to Social Bookmarking and Crowd Sourcing

This course offers:

  1. An introduction to social bookmarking and crowd sourcing
  2. Demonstration of popular tools such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg.
  3. An introduction to Quora and other Q&A communities

18) Search and Social Media Optimization

It is no longer possible to separate search and social media optimization. A holistic approach is needed to optimize all content for all the places it may be found online. This course addresses optimization tactics as they apply to an overall online presence.

19) Social Media Guidelines and Policies

Social media guidelines and policies can be as important as your social media plan. In addition to social media guidelines and policies, this course delves into listening and engagement programs, and discusses ethics, copyright, terms-of-use, and privacy issues.

20) NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Mastering YouTube and Video Marketing (Release Date: 11/15/2014)

This course delves deeper into marketing tactics specific to video content. The course also covers advanced YouTube topics including YouTube analytics, promotions, engagement, and optimization.

21) NEW! Mobile and Location-Based Marketing (Release Date: 10/15/2014)

This course focuses on mobile web topics such as:

  1. How to market on the mobile web
  2. Mobile website best practices
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Mobile advertising
  5. QR codes.
  6. Location-based marketing services like Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Local.

22) NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Content Marketing and Online Discoverability (Release Date: 12/15/2014)

This course covers topics on e-commerce and content marketing such as:

  1. Creating effective content marketing plans
  2. Developing e-commerce solutions
  3. Optimizing with meta tags, and creating copy and landing pages that convert to sales

Watch this sample video to get a gist of the courses by Deltina:

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"I had a great opportunity to study Social Media program with Deltina Hay, as well as to watch several of her courses on WordPress, Twitter Essentials, YouTube, Mobile Web, Blogs, RSS, and to read her books The Social Media Survival Guide and The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web which are very detailed and good for extensive study. All of her courses and books exceeded my expectations and well worth the time. I was able to use immediately in my work and business what I learned from all of them.

Deltina is an incredible teacher, and she is very engaged with her students. Her lessons are extremely well presented and structured with a lot of opportunities to practice. The materials she presents are very “hands-on training.” -  Michael MitovCEODeon Design

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