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  • WHY: purpose, passion, goals
  • WHO: partners, attendees, marketing
  • WHAT: event format, branding & design
  • WHEN: date & time, frequency
  • HOW: budgeting, securing sponsors

Ever wish you could get together with inspiring, like-minded people right in your city?

Looking to network, collaborate, or simply make some new friends? If that perfect local event doesn’t already exist, how about starting your own?

DealFuel has got you The Social Meetup Guide: This guide will walk you through the guidelines to start your own local meetup.

Here's what included in this guide:

  • WHY: purpose, passion, goals
  • WHO: partners, attendees, marketing
  • WHAT: event format, branding & design
  • WHEN: date & time, frequency, planning
  • HOW: budgeting, securing sponsors
  • WHERE: venue, vendors
  • During & after the event

Grab this guide for just $10 (DealClub $7.50)

Create a successful social meetup, the kind that makes people want to return each time it takes place.

Highlights of The Social Meetup Guide by Ciera Holzenthal

Social Meetup Guide By Ciera

You’ll love this social meetup guide if:

  • You want to connect in person with other fun people in your city
  • You want to meet people who love [insert your job/hobby/special interest] as much as you do
  • You have some time to dedicate to planning and hosting an event
  • You want to create a local event but aren’t sure where to start or what you need to do
  • You have tons of ideas and are ready to take action but need some guidance
  • You would love to learn from someone who has been through the planning process

You might want to pass on this guide if:

  • You already have extensive experience in planning events
  • You want to plan an event or conference on a national level
  • You aren’t ready to move outside your comfort zone
  • You’d prefer to connect and communicate strictly online

What others are saying about this book...

"I've always wanted to start my own meetup group, but had NO idea where to start. Ciera breaks everything down in a way that makes it manageable and I feel like this is something I can actually do!" — Erin E Flynn

"Ciera knocks it out of the park with this guide. If you've been thinking about doing your own local event, you've got to grab The Meetup Guide. Everything you need to consider for the event is laid out and in the perfect order of how you need to go about it. I've been toying with the idea of doing my own local workshop, but I know there's so much work that goes into it, and the way she's got this guide organized makes it seem very doable!"Kory Woodard

"Ciera does an amazing job walking you through all the steps to launch your own in-person event. She brings up things I never would have thought of on my own! This is truly a great resource!"Kate Baird

"This is a great beginners guide on what to do. It can be very scary starting something like this but there needs to be more meaningful events for creatives to gather and meet."Tasha of Imperfect Concepts

Deal Terms:

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  • You will get 50 pages PDF, 10 worksheets and templates
  • Sells as one copy per user basis
  • You cannot resell and redistribute these resources

Grab this social meetup guide for just $10 (DealClub $7.50)


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