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  • Boost your WordPress speed in just one click
  • Optimize your site against GTmatrix, PingDom, Google page speed
  • Reduce page load time

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Even the incredibly patient can't stand waiting in lines; be at the airport, railway station or restaurant. They get bored or frustrated.

The same applies when surfing online.

In fact, the patience levels are much shorter when browsing. People tend to abandon the site forever.

Additionally, website loading times are also becoming a critical factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

That's why we recommend our today's plugin for you.

Speedup WP Site Plugin will speed up your website both on DESKTOP and MOBILE.

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Now speed up your website with this striking plugin-

    • Boost your WordPress speed in just one click, both on desktop as well as mobile
    • Optimize your site against GTmatrix, PingDom, Google page speed
    • Reduce page load time

No configuration needed

  • Light weight and self-optimized


Say NO to slow loading websites with Speed Up WP Site Plugin


 speed up your website


 speed up your website


 speed up your website

Further insights to this plugin-

  • Gzip Compression.
  • Image Dimension Optimization.
  • Header Tags Setup
  • E Tags Setup
  • Enable Keep Alive
  • Specifies Character Set Early
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • One Click Install - No Setting Required
  • Does not affect Website Code- Works With Htaccess
  • Light Weight Plugin


Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download once you place the order.
  • Includes multisite license, allowing you to install and use on multiple websites of yours or your customers.
  • Plugin comes up with 6-month free support and the support is provided via email at [email protected]
  • Need to install and activate. No settings or activation key required.
  • You can not sell this plugin to anyone privately or publicly, you can charge you customer on setting this plugin on his site




5 reviews for Speed up your website with one click installation!

  1. TiffanyP (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical on this but figured for the price, I couldn’t beat it. My site could use any help it could get. This plug-in took seconds to add to my WordPress site and I saw an instant increase in speed. Thank you!

    • Amruta

      Thanks Tiffany, I am glad you liked it 🙂

  2. TM (verified owner)

    It did as advertised. mobile page speed from 57 to 75 and desktop from 69 to 87. I hope that as the plugin matures, we could get an interface. In the sales page it mentioned that it modifies browser cache, yet PageSpeed still flags this for me. I also get render-blocking JavaScript and CSS above-the-fold content warnings. The plugin should be able to identify these and in an interface allow me to choose which ones to load in footer as per PageSpeed recommendations since some themes and plugins may not work if scripts load in footer. The plugin from wpmudev called hummingbird provides such an interface.

    I am satisfied with initial results and hope more speed boosting features are added to make it even more awesome.

  3. Mike Hickcox (verified owner)

    I added this plugin to one website and tested it … faster and the grade went up. I deactivated it and tested again … slower again. I re-activated it … faster again. Then I put it on 5 more sites. Same deal every time … a little faster and a better grade.

    I was a little hesitant and worried about de-activation, but all went well. So now I have it working on all 6 sites. It’s simple and it helps some on every site.

    I also think, from just loading the sites as a user, that they all come up more quickly.

    Bottom line: simple, helpful, nifty. It’s like coffee for your website.

  4. James Martindale (verified owner)

    Simple and effective

  5. Dennis J. Pitocco

    Plug & play which is great, but nominal speed difference.

    • Sonal Magapu

      The increase in speed depends on the current optimization of the website and other factors.

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