Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup

Learn to launch a start-up with No Outside Funding! Use this eBook to learn how to:

  • Find a product idea
  • Test the market before writing a line of code
  • Price your product optimally
  • Structure the ideal startup launch
    .. and much more!

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Who Should Read this Book?

Any Software, Mobile,Web Developer looking to launching a startup

Why is this Book Relevant?

Start Small, Stay Small focuses on practical, step-by-step instructions used by hundreds of developers on the road to launching their startups. Whether you have a product idea or are still looking, this book takes you through the process of finding an idea, testing it, converting visitors to buyers, and attaining profitability as quickly as possible.

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What Others Are Saying....

“Every software entrepreneur can pull an idea out of here."Patrick McKenzie,

“I’ve read every book you can find about launching a startup, and this is by far the most valuable." - Ruben Gamez,

“…an awesome combination of big-picture ideas with tools and tactics to make it happen." - Harry Hollander, Moraware Software

About the Author...

The author, Rob Walling, is a serial entrepreneur with more than a dozen software products under his belt. A few of his successful applications include (an email marketing app for startups and software companies), HitTail (a popular SEO keyword tool) and DotNetInvoice (the leading ASP.NET invoicing software on the market). Rob has been fortunate to be mentioned in The Wall Street Journal,,, Investor's Business Daily, the D.C. Examiner,, and many others. Rob blogs to 20,000 web entrepreneurs each month and co-host a highly rated startup podcast called Startups for the Rest of Us.

Deal Terms for this Guide about Launching a Start up:

  • ebook is available as an instant download.
  • Available in PDF, ePub, Kindle (.prc) and mp3 formats, all as digital downloads.

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