Become a Full-fledged Android Developer & Build 21 Android Apps

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This eCourse will help you become a full-fledged Android developer.

eCourse Highlights:

  • Build 21 Android apps from scratch using Android Studio and Java Programming
  • Upload your apps to the Google Play and reach millions of Android users
  • Monetize your apps and boost your income
  • Get access to over 198 lectures and 28 hours of content!

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Watch sample video from the eCourse by Fahd Sheraz


Key takeaways:

  • Learn Android development, Java programming and Android studio from scratch
  • Learn Java programming from a professional trainer from your desk
  • Create fun, engaging and real world Android apps you can show to your friends and family
  • Learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases
  • Get access to visual training methods, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning
  • Have access to all the tools you need to design successfully, code and sell your Android apps
  • Break the most complex applications down into simplistic steps
  • Get to build 21 different android and Java apps from scratch
  • Try your hands on building apps like Whatsapp clone, diary app, temperature converter, mood scanner & much more
  • Upload your Android apps to the Google play and reach millions of android users
  • Learn to monetize your Android apps - By displaying ads

 Course Curriculum:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Install and Setup your Windows Computer
  • Section 3: Install and Setup your Mac
  • Section 4: Learn Java Programming From Scratch!
  • Section 5: Learn Java Programming From Scratch - If Else, Loops, Methods, Classes
  • Section 6: Learn Java Programming From Scratch - Advanced Concepts
  • Section 7: Java Programming Advanced Concepts - Inheritance and Data Structure
  • Section 8: Android App Development Tools
  • Section 9: Designing App Visuals - How To Use Views in Android/Java Development
  • Section 10: Designing App Visuals 2
  • Section 11: What Are Activities And How to work with Navigation - Java / Android
  • Section 12: Listviews - Introduction

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About the Instructors

1. Paulo Dichone - Android Programmer and Teacher  

android developerPaulo is a programming geek with a Computer Science degree from Whitworth University. He has an extensive experience in Android App Development particularly in the Mobile App (Android and iOS) and Web Development. He is also the founder of Magadistudio, a mobile app development company based in the beautiful Inland Northwest (WA).

2. Fahd Sheraz - Android Developer and Teacher  

126471_89ba_5Fahd is a Web Developer, Digital Marketer and Teacher, basically a multi-talented person with the passion to build and teach about Web & Mobile Apps. He also has a MSc degree in Computer Science and lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He has over 20 years of experience in programming. In 2007, he founded his first business, developing professional websites for business owners.

What other students are saying...

"Doing things with Android that I didn't expect I'd be doing! The teachers are very supportive. Great course to get started in Android app development." - Martin O'Brien

"I've been a comp sci major for two years, but all I've done is basic, conceptual programming. This course has definitely renewed my interest in the field and has given me more hands on, practical experience." - Michael Gutensohn

"This course has been extremely helpful to understand the basics of Android development, as well as going all the way to feeling confident in coding your own apps. I really liked the way it was structured, giving you a strong and well organized foundation in java and android development first, but managing anyway to get quickly to building apps so it doesn't get too dry and you can play around quite soon. Definitely worth taking!" - Kali Aney

Ready to become a full-fledged Android developer for just $15?

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  1. Fahd S

    Excellent Course. Best for learning Android app development with Java and Android Studio.

    • Amruta

      Thank you so much Fahd 🙂

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