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  • 60,000 resources (huge variety)
  • 25+ TUTORIALS for web designers

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  • 60,000 resources (huge variety)
  • 25+ TUTORIALS for web designers

Get hold of the Ultimate Designer Toolkit for only $49 today!


What you'll get with this Deal

One Year of Unlimited Access to the GOLD Membership of the Ultimate Designer Toolkit.


27,000 Photoshop Gradients-

Adding a touch of color gradients to your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and artwork is both simple and effective. Over 25,000 color combinations for amazing visual effects. Check Samples


18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles

Layer styles are special effects that can be applied to an entire layer to create amazing designs. Create buttons, navigation bars in seconds with this huge pack with Premium Photoshop Layer Styles. Check Samples


1,545 Vector Illustrations

Over 1500+ vector illustrations ready for use in your design process. Check Samples


340 Seamless Vectors

Seamless vector patterns are great for adding textures to your design work. That makes them ideal for high impact web designs, website backgrounds, high resolution print work and large backgrounds. Check Samples


500 Amazing Hand-Drawn Vector Images

These cartoon-like vectors are created by our professional cartoon artists. They cover a very wide range of niches such as food, animals, tools, United States, plants, flowers, gardening, weapons, ships, toilet accessories, children’s toys, sports and much more.


815 Photoshop Patterns

This set is very powerful if you want to create web design related backgrounds with ease. All patterns are seamless and can be used to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort. Check Samples


Ultimate CSS Framework (Easy PSD2HTML Conversion)

Use this CSS Framework to convert your PSD Layouts into live Websites in minutes. You don?t need special knowledge about HTML or special skills in coding, basics are completely enough to convert PSD to HTML. Check Samples


2,986 Photoshop Brushes

Download this set with almost 3000 high resolution brushes and start your creative process. Become an artist from zero to hero in seconds using this large collection with Photoshop brushes. Check Samples


1,105 Adobe Addons

Do you want to change colors in Adobe illustrator or in Adobe Photoshop with just a few clicks? These two sets include Swatches and Color tables. Check Samples


1,129 Vector Elements

Download a useful set with vector elements to make the design process much easier. Included in this set are: Floral Vectors, Vector Swirls, Ornate Vectors, Vector Web Design Elements. Check Samples


1,290 High Resolution Textures

Why do you pay for a single Texture, when you can have thousands ? All textures are 4288×2848 pixels and cover a lot of categories : Cement, Wood, Wall, Rust, Bricks etc. Check Samples


512 Vector Icons

This collection of icons can help you to create websites, applications, and iphone/iPad apps faster. Note there are only vector icons in this category. Check Samples


1750+ Stock Photos

These stock images can help you to quickly create mockups or large prints. Check Samples


PSD to HTML 960 Grid System Tutorial

This is another PSD to HTML tutorial showing you how to create a website using the 960 grid system. Tutorial available in PDF format. Turn your layouts into websites now! Check Samples


902 Pixel Icons

Pixel icons are hand crafted pieces of work which can be used in your project or your website. Check Samples


82 Image Editing Photoshop Actions

Turn your images into masterpieces in seconds, over and over again. If you are a wedding photographer without too much spare time you will love this set of Photoshop Actions. Check Samples



Web Graphics

Download Buttons, PSD Navigation menus, Banners, Web shadows, Website backgrounds, Web boxes for your web related projects. create websites faster with this useful set of goodies.


3D Creator

Create 3D Logos, 3D Text or change any shape you want with this set of Action for Photoshop. Different perspectives and possibilities can be achieved with this useful product. 3D


3D Software Box Creator

Do you have a product and you want a way to create a 3D software box? This unique way will help you create 3D software boxes in photoshop without knowing 3D at all.  box

100 Professional Business Card Templates

To create professional business cards for your clients. Just add their information and logo and you are ready to go!


And ... you'll also get 25+ PSD Layouts + Tutorials.


What other customers say about Ultimate Designer Toolkit:

As a web designer, I know very well what it takes to make a web page from scratch without having the right tools at hand. So, when I saw this wide choice of design resources, I couldn’t resist trying them. Now I can say I made a good decision. This is what I was looking for.

Cathy Legrand

I was just wondering where to find a few new Photoshop brushes for a new project and I found this site. Surprisingly, I could find here not only a few, but more than 2900 brushes, more than I ever needed. There are also many thousands of gradients and layer styles that anyone would need.

Norman Lewis

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  • All items can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
  • Reselling and redistributing is not permitted.
  • Unlimited Access to the GOLD Membership (1 year) of the Ultimate Designer Toolkit
  • This does not automatically renew at the end of the year.

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