Sunday Freebie: 201 Vectors & 30 Patterns

Add zest to your website. Give your website a visual boost with this Design Bundle.

You can:

  • Create posters and backgrounds
  • Make your website effective and user friendly

Grab these deal absolutely FREE!

What you will get-

  • 96 vector silhouettes
  • 40 small vector icons
  • 65 tiny icons
  • 30 Photoshop pixel patterns
96 Vector Silhouettes


This is a nice set with vector silhouettes.

You can create posters, or large backgrounds and if you need some people to fill your background then this pack may help you.

Please see our PDF catalog to see all the vector files.

40 small vector icons


Download a nice set of 40 small vector icons.

These icons can be used for websites or admin panels.

65 Tiny Icons:


We all love icons. This is a set of mini icons you can use for the website, or for iPhone app.

This set of icons is professionally designed for various purposes.

The download includes PSD format so you can easily customize the look of the icons.

30 Photoshop Pixel Pattern


Download this set of 30 awesome pixel patterns. Above you can see a small sample of the patterns.

Ready to grab these vectors and backgrounds pack for FREE today?

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