8 Courses Included In The Best Web Technologies Bundle Are:


1. Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide


Course Description:

Upgrade now to the latest version of angular from scratch. Enroll now to learn more about modules, directives, components, etc. in this angular 7 tutorial.

Video: 28 hours

Lectures: 384


2. Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects



Course Description:

Build real world themes with Bootstrap 4 tutorial & build 5 projects from scratch such as Looplap, Mizuxe, Blogen, Glozzom & Portfoligrid.

Video: 9.5 hours

Lectures: 73


3.Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide



Course Description:

Docker simplifies creating, shipping & deploying applications in any environment regardless of the operating system. Learn Docker from scratch in this course

Video: 8 hours

Lectures: 58


4. From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things


Course Description:

Learn Raspberry Pi along with the internet of things in our Raspberry pi for beginners, where you can build cool IOT application from scratch.

Video: 7 hours

Lectures: 37


5. Projects in Django: Learn Django Building Projects


Course Description:

Learn Django Framework & build five functional apps from scratch. Complete django database tutorial & master how to build functional websites & apps now

Video: 6 hours

Lectures: 47


6. Projects In Laravel: Learn Laravel Building 10 Projects


Course Description:

In this Laravel tutorial learn how to integrate Laravel php framework with other technologies & create 10 projects. Enroll & Master laravel 5 now

Video: 10.5 hours

Lectures: 71


7. The Full Stack Web Development


Course Description:

This full stack tutorial is a one stop shop that will help you learn all different technologies to build website & apps on the go.

Video: 33.5 hours

Lectures: 207


8. VueJS 2 The Complete Guide


Course Description:

Learn Front end programming with the Vuejs the most popular javascript Framework. Learn Vuejs 2 at Eduonix and get best-paid jobs in the market.

Video: 21 hours

Lectures: 351



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