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  • Easy and Fast Editing
  • No Coding Required
  • Works With Over 400 Fonts
  • Special Effects and more…

Grab this deal for just $14

DealClub $10.50

Would you like your WordPress site to look more like the way you imagine? Would you?

And are you tired of spending lots of time on the tedious task of coding? Are you?

We've got a quick fix for you!

CSS Hero: WordPress Visual Editor Plugin. It can customize every property of your theme with an easy and intuitive point and click interface.

CSS Hero Highlights:

  • Easy and Fast Editing
  • No Coding Required
  • Tackles Responsive Design
  • Works With Over 400 Fonts
  • Special Effects and more...

Grab the WordPress visual editor plugin just for $14 (DealClub $10.50)

Watch this WordPress Visual Editor Plugin in action:

Control everything, everywhere

wordpress visual editor plugin

Customize Responsive WordPress Themes

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Detailed Highlights of CSS Hero:

Play with tons of fonts: Add a touch of class with your own fonts, a huge collection of Google Fonts is at your fingertips.

Use your own colours: Use a colour picker to experiment live colour and background changes like never before.

Control all measures: Edit element sizes, margins, paddings: just drag a slider and view what happens.

Special effects: Spice up your site elements with Hover Fx, Shadows, Transitions, and more cool stuff.

No lock-in: CSS Hero will output crystal clear (and minified) CSS ready for you to export it on any other platform\source.

Undo/redo & history: Keep track of your edits for further testings, save as presets or simply preview history steps for a\b tests.

Responsive theme ready: CSS Hero loves responsive themes and lets you get full control of their responsive modes by allowing state specific edits.

Device mode preview: Preview your responsive themes with CSS Hero, test tablet\mobile edits before pushing them online, crafting a responsive theme has never been so easy.

CSS Hero works great with:

Choose from a suitable plan below to buy CSS hero plugin:


  • Starter Plan - $14, DealClub for $10.50 (Normally $29)
  • Personal Plan - $29, DealClub for $21.75 (Normally $59)
  • Professional Plan - $79, DealClub for $59.25 (Normally $199)

All plans include: One year upgrade, one year support, CSS Hero's easy export feature to export all your edits and use them without CSS Hero, CSS Hero Affiliation Program membership: sell CSS Hero and earn 40% on each sale.

Ready to grab this WordPress Visual Editor Plugin just for $14?


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