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A bundle of YouTube courses from Alex.

  • How to build a YouTube channel with 1,000,000 views.
  • How you can build and run powerful video advertising


If you are an online business, then YouTube is one of the online platforms which is comparatively unexploited by marketers yet.

To cash into this highly profitable niche, we bring you a YouTube Marketing Course Bundle from Alex.

  • Alex will walk the talk and show you how he built his YouTube channel with 1,000,000 views.
  • He will demonstrate how you can build and run powerful video advertising.

Spend a few hours with Alex and get on top of YouTube Marketing.

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A Closer Look At The YouTube Marketing Course Bundle:


Course1: YouTube channel marketing for 1,000,000 views & beyond

Course1: YouTube channel marketing for 1,000,000 views & beyond

YouTube Marketing and Video Promotion Course: Basics to advanced video ranking strategies to get 1,000,000+ views


  • Course introduction
    • WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction (0:52)
    • My channel overview (1:31)
    • 2 exercises to do to immediately improve your videos and channel (1:12)
  • SEO and keyword research
    • Why YouTube SEO is so important (1:21)
    • How to do keyword research (4:54)
    • Keyword research in case of big competition (2:49)
    • The fundamentals of YouTube SEO with title and description (4:35)
  • How to make your videos rank higher
    • Understand YouTube algorithm (4:20)
    •  Advanced keyword tactics to get more views and rank higher (4:40)
    • Embedding (2:27)
    • How to make your YouTube videos show up in GOOGLE SEARCH results (3:37)
    • Boosting views with social media (3:29)
    • Quora (3:31)
    • Secret tag (3:36)
    • Playlists (3:41)
    • Boosting rankings with ads (4:01)


Course2: High conversion YouTube advertising: YouTube ads with video

Course2: High conversion YouTube advertising: YouTube ads with video

Set up your first highly converting YouTube ads. Video advertising with AdWords ads is highly converting.


  • Setting up your first ad while explaining every ad element
    • Creating Your Account (0:59)
    • Starting With Our FirstAd (0:55)
    • Bumper Ads (2:35)
    • InStream Vs Discovery Ads (3:05)
    • Budget CPV And More (3:28)
    • Location (3:28)
    • Stating With AdGroup (1:04)
    • How To Decide For InStream Ad (2:29)
    • Adding Your Video To AdGroup (2:03)
    • What To Write InHeadline Description (4:48)
    • Setting CPV (2:43)
    • Demographic Targeting (1:17)
    • Interests And Topics (1:38)
    • Keywords (2:27)
  • How to create your ad video
    • East Setup For Video (3:14)
    • If Not Comfortable With Video (0:50)
    • Example Of Sales Video (4:55)


Your Instructor For Youtube Marketing Course Bundle:


YouTube Marketing Course Bundle- Instructor


Frequently Asked Questions:

YouTube Marketing Course Bundle- FAQs


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Excel your business marketing taking it to a next level altogether.


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