8 Steps On How to Promote Your Start Up With Email Marketing

8 Steps On How to Promote Your Start Up With Email Marketing

Well designed Email Marketing Strategies and well executed Email Marketing Campaigns for Startups help to get conversions from your target audience. In this blog article we highlight the steps to improve Email Marketing for Startups. 

Email seems to be quite forgotten in terms of marketing. Young companies tend to lean more towards social media and other funnels. This is mostly because people believe that no one is reading promotional emails anymore and that they simply die in the inbox.

However, email is a great vessel for your marketing efforts. People don’t like spam but what they do like is useful content and personalized messaging with good offers. And, as a bonus, everyone has an email and everyone checks their emails at least once a day.

If you make sure that your emails are in accordance with the CAN-SPAM act and that they offer something useful, you can get further ahead than you ever could with social media.

Email Marketing Startegies to Get Conversions

Here are some tips to enhance your email marketing strategies -

Write a Good ‘Welcome’ Email

Once a user subscribes, it became a common practice to send them a welcoming email. They are usually short, containing a CTA inviting the reader to check out more stuff and so on. These are automated as well. Readers usually scan through these emails without even paying attention, if they even open it.

It became too generic and too bland.
Readers are looking for interesting, fresh, new.

So, instead of sending them another email they’ll skip, send an email which will grab their attention, reiterate your values and make them visit your site.

Be funny, interesting or simply unpredictable. Stay in tune with your brand while doing something different.

For instance, you could simply send a picture of a cat with a ‘welcome’ caption, or a funny gif - while including some relevant info in that tone. Unless you are a funeral business company, funny somehow always works.

People Love Social Proof

A good welcome email sparks their interest but how you go on from there, drives sales.
One thing that never fails to impress is the social proof. A social proof can be anything from newspaper articles about your company to TV appearances, testimonials, reviews, awards, achievements and so on.

This helps the user imagine your company in the real world, engaging with customers. It also justifies their decision to work with you.

You can send a specific email on this topic or add some sort of social proof at the bottom of each email.

Make Your Emails Personal

We live in an era where data is highly accessible. There is no excuse not to use it. Especially in your email campaigns, this data can come in handy.

You can gather it upon subscription - adding a few more form fields, asking a few more questions. Send them an occasional survey and monitor their behavior on your site. All of this will tell you a lot about your user and you’ll be able to create personal human emails.

The first thing you can do - even without all of the data - is to use their first name, get rid of the @noreply email address and sign your email as a real person.

People respond to their name better than to anything else - it will make them feel comfortable. A @noreply email address is just plain rude - it states that you don’t want to hear from your customer. And finally, signing an email as yourself or someone in a higher position in your company will make them feel valued.

Mind The Readability

One of the most important things about your email is that it’s readable. This encompasses a wide variety of tasks to complete. For one, you have to do full proofreading and editing to avoid making silly mistakes.

You also need to pay attention to your formatting - a block of text is not inviting.
If this seems a bit overwhelming to you, use some of these tools.

  • Stateofwriting and Viawriting - Writing good email copy takes skill and knowledge. If you are not an expert, then these guides might come in handy.
  • Ukwriting - Editing is tedious and time-consuming. You could be doing something fun instead while this editor does your job.
  • Academadvisor - Subject lines are one of the first things people see when an email arrives. To make sure that they are attention-grabbing yet relevant to the subject, use this subject line generator.
  • Boomessays and Academized - There are so many tiny mistakes in that perfect email you have created yet you can’t notice them. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Leave it to these proofreaders.
  • Mywritingway - It’s useful to have some help after the email is ready and you want to check it just one more time. Use this grammar checker.
  • Essayroo - Formatting, as mentioned, is really important. Use some help from this tool.

Offer Useful Content

You’d be surprised at the number of people who like receiving useful tips from companies. This is a great opportunity for you to come closer to your subscribers and show them the value of being on your email list.

You can write about useful tips from your niche, send them gift ideas, share assembly tips, ebooks and so on.

Create a Sense of Urgency

There is no better way to turn a subscriber into a customer than by creating a limited time offer that he can’t resist. Offer a sale or a discount on something that you know they’ll be interested in based on their activity. “Make the sale or the discount last only a limited amount of time. Send emails on a daily basis about how much time they have left. This sense of urgency will make them buy your product or service”, - explains Robert Downing, an Email Marketer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Oxessays.

Give Them An Experience

Users are often looking for something different when purchasing a product or a service. They want to know how it feels to hold something, how it works, what are the benefits of it and so on. Provide them with an experience - promise an experience. After all, that's what they are looking for.

Present Them With The Benefits of Loyalty Programs

People often don’t like entering loyalty programs before they see what it has to offer. They also want to know how different a loyalty program is from the regular one. This is why you should give them all of this information up front and remind them of it occasionally.

Over To You

While email has received some bad rep over the years, good marketers still know how good it is and value it over social media or any other funnel. Follow these tips and you’ll realize why soon, on your own.

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