Benefits of using a cache plugin and how to choose the best one

cache plugin
Posted in : Plugins, SEO | November 15, 2018 | By:

One of the primary issues that keep every website owner concerned is the loading speed of the site for visitors. You are most likely to lose more and more visitors if your website loads pages slowly because of no cache plugin. By now, you would know the fact that people only wait a few seconds, […]

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Need To Speed Up Your Website And How To Excel It

Need To Speed Up Your Website And How To Excel It
Posted in : Uncategorized | October 31, 2018 | By:

As a business owner or website owner, there can be nothing more frustrating than having a slow website. It will cause you to lose your customers and hence lead to a poor conversion rate. Businesses need to have websites so as to share information with their clients and also display their products and services to […]

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How To Choose A Perfect CRO Tool?

How To Choose Perfect Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
Posted in : Uncategorized | October 6, 2018 | By:

CRO means conversion rate optimization. It is the practice of improving conversion rate in an advertising, marketing, sales, merchandise or other business practice that aims to make an individual take an action. Many businesses and websites use conversion rate optimization tools to help get more people to perform actions that will boost business sales or […]

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5 Tips to Build Your Brand like a Pro!

5 Tips to Build Your Brand like a Pro | DealFuel
Posted in : Uncategorized | September 29, 2018 | By:

Brand Building is a time-consuming process. You can use it to display your skills and personality. And most importantly, you need to showcase your values. In current times, it is easy to create a brand. People post photos and other content on different social platforms for their audience. According to Statista, 2.46 billion people use […]

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8 Steps On How to Promote Your Start Up With Email Marketing

8 Steps On How to Promote Your Start Up With Email Marketing
Posted in : All, Content, Uncategorized | September 19, 2018 | By:

Email seems to be quite forgotten in terms of marketing. Young companies tend to lean more towards social media and other funnels. This is mostly because people believe that no one is reading promotional emails anymore and that they simply die in the inbox. However, email is a great vessel for your marketing efforts. People […]

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Passwords Made Easily Secured And Memorable

Passwords Made Easily Secured And Memorable- Secure Password Now!
Posted in : Uncategorized | September 7, 2018 | By:

Why are passwords so Important? Why do almost all the websites ask to keep a secure password with more than 8 characters? Because the password is often the only thing protecting your private data and your sensitive information from hackers. So it becomes very important to have a strong and secure password. We use passwords […]

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 8 Necessary Elements Of A Great Website Design

website design elements
Posted in : Uncategorized | August 31, 2018 | By:

Designing a great website can be a mind-numbing task, but not when you approach it the right way.  Without a doubt, every designer employs a unique approach in as far as designing a website is concerned. Nevertheless, they do have a common checklist that defines must have elements that every website should have. From great […]

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Why Is UX Design Important

Posted in : Graphics | August 21, 2018 | By:

With more and more interactions happening online, it has become extremely important to provide users with a frictionless and seamless digital experience that matches well with their daily lives. Today, with advancement in almost every domain, providing optimized user experience has turned out to be a prerequisite to implement business strategies which makes UX design […]

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The Magic Of Instagram Marketing For Growing Business Needs

Magic Of Instagram Marketing - Blog | DealFuel
Posted in : Uncategorized | July 24, 2018 | By:

Every business needs a social media presence in order to thrive today. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is one sure way of reaching your target audience. Instagram, is one of these platforms that you need to integrate into your marketing approach. Consumers are drawn to Instagram, as a way of helping them connect […]

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Best Social Media Templates To Improve Customer Engagement

Social media
Posted in : SEO | July 19, 2018 | By:

Undoubtedly, customer success strategies are constantly evolving. However, the aspect that never changes is the necessity of efficient and unique ways for keeping customers engaged. With a rapid development in advertising and marketing, to meet the digital requirements, most of the times, the struggle is to keep the procedure human-centric. This problem mainly arises because […]

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