7 WordPress Themes With a Pre-designed Homepage

7 WordPress Themes With a Pre-designed Homepage

Want to Design a Homepage in WordPress? In this article we list 7 of the best WP themes with predesigned homepage. So this not only saves your time and efforts but also helps you build an optimized webpage from the design prespective.

Designing a homepage of a website is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks. Why? It’s because the homepage is the first place your visitors are going to land when they visit your website. So you should spend some time developing and designing it well.
But what if you need to create your website quickly and don’t have enough time to design a unique and eye-catching webpage? Surely you can’t leave it for later. This is where WordPress comes to the rescue yet again. Did you know that there are WordPress themes that come with homepages pre-designed, ready-to-use? You heard it right.

In this article, we are exploring the top WordPress themes with pre-designed homepages, which are perfect for those quick site development exercises.

WordPress Themes with pre-designed pages

Just as a small FYI, all these homepages have been pre-created using Elementor, the free and comprehensive WordPress page builder. We will look at Elementor’s features at the end.

Agency Elite - All Purpose WordPress Theme

Agency Elite is a WordPress theme designed by Cyberchimps for business, advertising, corporate, IT, media and other companies. It is a one-page theme with a smooth scroll feature which allows for fluid movement across the webpage.
The highlight of Agency Elite is that it allows users to create single page websites with a compact and customizable design, with little to no coding required. You can edit the pre-designed homepage by going to Pages ---> All Pages ---> Agency Elite Homepage ---> Edit with Elementor.
There are a number of layouts to choose from, although the demo page of the theme will display at the start. Agency Elite lets you create a compelling and memorable website on a single page to keep your viewer’s interest alive.

Solome - Best WP Theme for Personal Websites

Solome calls itself the perfect WordPress theme for a startup, but that’s not all. This Cyberchimps theme is also great for creating a personal website, brand, and online presence. The one page layout makes it easy to get the message across at the outset, without having to direct visitors to other website pages.
You can customize the homepage for Solome much the same way as Agency Elite, as all these websites use pre-designed homepages from Elementor. Solome comes with all the necessary sections like About Us, Testimonials, Get in Touch, Blog, etc., which makes it perfect for starting out. It is great for small businesses and photography websites, portfolios and blogs.

Brito - Business WordPress Theme

By the looks of it, you can guess that Brito is a WordPress theme that’s suitable for corporate and business websites. It has a no-nonsense air about itself, very business-like, practical, and crisp. This theme is in sync with today’s business website expectations and the modern marketplace.
It is sleek, classy and timeless. Brito allows you to effectively engage your visitors and clients by creating a single page with all the important information. The layout is practical, logical, fluid and intuitive. There are sections for testimonials, services, and even an animated stats counter to display achievements. Smart, eh?

Corpora - Multipurpose Single Page WordPress Theme

Corpora is a multipurpose theme that’s as creative as it is corporate, so don’t go by its name. The popularity of one page themes has risen because of the customer’s decreased attention span and the market with its increased competition.
Corpora is perfect for a startup, creative agency, small business or corporate. It has all the sections that any website could need, which is what makes it so versatile. The pre-designed homepage from Elementor can be customized and edited to give your website its trademark uniqueness.

Sentient -  Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Sentient is a premium theme from the creative corridors at Cyberchimps with some seriously eye-catching features and functionalities. This theme exudes class and sophistication, which is a trademark of premium themes. It isn’t a single page theme though; it offers you multiple pages to effortlessly showcase your services and products to visitors.
A premium theme comes with premium features, and Sentient is proof of that. The homepage is highly customizable and very rich in terms of appearance and navigation. Sentient is an excellent theme for displaying your portfolio, testimonials, products and services, and achievements.

Solitair - Lively One Page WordPress Theme

The best word to describe this theme would be Lively. Solitair is another multipurpose WordPress theme from Cyberchimps that follows the single page format; but other than that, it is completely unique. The entire theme is full of fun, bright elements that liven up the entire page. It is eye-catching and quite intriguing. The overall appearance will surely encourage a user to stay on and read what you have to offer.
This theme is perfect for all kinds of businesses, with a pre-designed Elementor homepage to get you started. It is great for blogs, advertising or travel agencies, photographers, portfolios, and even corporates who don’t mind putting a little twist to their ‘corporate-ness’.

Travtale -  One Page WordPress Theme for Wanderers

Travtale is the perfect WordPress theme for all those who can associate with #wanderlust on a personal level. Whether you are a travel blogger, travel photographer, own a travel agency or just love exploring the outdoors, this one page theme is perfect for you.
Travtale has the perfect features and functionalities for a creative, outdoorsy layout. The pre-designed single-page site template is the customizable homepage.

To Conclude

Creating homepages is important and crucial to a website’s success. However, that’s no reason to get bogged down by it. Check out these themes with their pre-designed homepages and try your hand at Elementor as you customize the page to suit your taste.

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