Exclusive SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 eCommerce Store

SEO Tips for Magento 2 eCommerce Store

Do you have a Magento based eCommerce website? Have you SEO optimized this eCommerce store to make your website rank in Google and achieve more sales. In this article, we provide some important SEO Tips for Magento 2 eCommerce store.

Magento and SEO are trending these days to a great extent. Both these terms can without much of a stretch represent the deciding moment any site particularly the eCommerce locales whose achievement relies upon pulling in, charming, changing over, and holding whatever number buyers as would be prudent.

If simply put, Magento SEO performance is one such decisive factor that leads to the success of your online store. The better you excel at this, the more customers can get access to your product/service leading to bigger chances of brand marketing. Did I mention it won’t be simple at all? Doing SEO for your Magento store is even more complicated as it comprises of several nuances which nobody talks about.

As we are discussing eCommerce SEO, there is no space for a blunder or any bug choosing your item pages, particularly when you are competing hard to arrive at the highest point of Google indexed lists. In a perfect world, it ought to be inside the best three positions with the goal that traffic increments on a critical premise. As per a few sorts of research, the overall site ranking on page one of the Google keyword searches reaches an overall CTR of 71.3%. Page two and three combined just have a CTR of 5.59%.

Yet do you know what is even more enlightening? The number one search result in Google is given an average of 31.24 clicks, while the number two search result receives more than half to 14.04 clicks. Now before we move any further, let’s take a look at a few reasons to look for reliable Magento SEO services providers who truly emphasize choosing Magento 2 over other eCommerce platforms?

• Hundreds and thousands of developers available across the globe
• Highly search-engine friendly platform like WordPress
• Mobile-friendly configuration offered
• Top rated by eCommerce platforms
• Highly active forum support
• Open-source platform and free to download
• Total control over the extremely versatile design, content, and functionality of the online store.
• Various third-party extensions available

When combining Magento 2 with SEO

One of the prime reasons to choose the combination, in particular, is Magento 2 is highly SEO friendly. In simple words, there are high chances of your website getting ranked in SERP with minimum optimization efforts and maximum benefits from sales and revenue point of views.

SEO Tips For Magento 2 Store

#1 Optimize Magento 2 Store URL

We all realize that an eCommerce store involves a lot of pages. Furthermore, the vast majority of them depend on the accompanying format pages, for example, landing page, item classification, item detail, truck page, and checkout.

There is no denying in the way that each kind of page has its own URL relying on various factors beginning from classification name to item name, truck esteem and the rundown goes on. Aside from this, ensure you set up the URL so that it ends up being spotless and speaks to where the guest is going causes the guest to explore as well as has essentialness for the internet searcher crawler too.

You must be wondering, how?
• Homepage: www.website.com
• Product Page: www.website.com/product-name
• Category Page: www.website.com/category-name
• Sub-category Page: www.website.com/sub-category-name

Magento 2 uses URL rewrites to expel the record name that may show up in the URL at the primary spot after the root folder.

#2 Duplicate Content Issues

One of the common issues faced among storeowners is during the developing phase of their store. Hence, do not take this lightly at all as it has the potential to harm the SEO of your entire website to a great extent. Now I am sure you must be wondering why does duplicate content occur? Product filtering, storing, pagination, variation in the same products are the prime reason for duplicate content.

To get rid of this, we must use a canonical tag by going to stores > Configurations > Catalog > and set “yes” for canonical link meta tags for categories and products.

#3 Robot. Txt File Modifications

No matter how basic it sounds but the file carries extreme importance. It guides search engines with instructions to crawl certain pages and not to crawl others (the irrelevant ones). You can find it here: https://www.Abc.com/robots.txt

For Magento 2, to modify Robot. Txt files you need to do the following: Stores > General > Edit custom instruction of Robot. Txt files if necessary.

#4 Non-optimized HTML Sitemap

Unfortunately, Magento 2 does not support the auto-creation of HTML Sitemap by default. So what can be done is implement some of the extensions which can solve the HTML sitemap issue in Magento 2?

Some of its key features include:
• Auto-generates an HTML sitemap for users and search engines. It also includes links to categorize products, CMS pages and store views for Magento 2
• Customize the listing order by commas
• Easily add external links in your sitemap file
• The sitemap will be automatically updated

#5 Speed Up

When building an eCommerce store in today’s era speed is highly recommended to make it faster to load, so that users don’t leave in frustration and user retention rate increased significantly. Quick loading of websites helps to rank you better in search engines within a very short period of time. Some of the important recommendations to speed up your Magento eCommerce store are -

  • Merge your JavaScript and CSS files; this will reduce the load time and increase the page speed.
  • Enable-
    1. All catching features & Flush Magento 2 cache
    2. Flat Categories & Products
    3. All JavaScript Settings
    4. All CSS settings

We believe these Magneto SEO tips have helped you gain some important insights on how to SEO optimize your Magento 2 eCommerce store and thus improve its visibility and ranking in Google SERP.

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