Components Of Successful Marketing Strategies Of Human Development Firms

Components of Human Development

The term human development is often subject to confusion across various organizations. Instead, we usually hear owners and managers use terms such as human resources, talent, human capital, etc. Human development hardly sees any light of day in organizations and firms, let alone the marketing department. After all, people are not resources; they are agents. They can enforce self-development and can set goals to move forward with their careers. They are the primary reasons why companies see so much success in the corporate world. So, it is high time that these companies start work on developing their employees.

However, there is always a downside to something so beneficial. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it. The same is the case with human development in firms. These companies occupy themselves with economic development and public policy. Doing so, they forget to give human development the attention it deserves. Getting their attention to human management is the least of their concerns these days. They need to switch from giving all their efforts to human capital to trying their best to develop their workforce on a personal basis. Today, we will share with you a few components of human development in firms. They will provide companies with insight on how they can optimize human development for their business to be successful.

Define The Role Of Human Resources In Human Development

The marketing department of any firm is responsible for human development quality. Unfortunately, these days, not much emphasis is put on human development by such a department that should be on the front line of human development. Just as market development and product development are of the utmost importance for any firm, human development is too. Marketing personals need to shift their focus from attaining a fast buck and enforce policies that promote human development in their team. Undoubtedly, getting an online human resources degree will equip you with the skills necessary to work in the corporate environment.

Their role is crucial because they regularly deal with employees, more than any other professional at a firm. They must take charge and enforce wellness policies that promote a healthy working environment. They must also look after the needs and requirements of employees. Maybe an employee wants an adjustment in his pay package or wants a few days off to refuel after undergoing a grueling marketing campaign. Looking after them will ensure that they develop efficiently in a workplace plagued with issues and problems.

Utilize Technology For Human Development

With the advancements in technology, the business world needs to move with the changing times. One way to use technology to their advantage is for human development in the marketing department. These days AI is now a powerhouse and is making the lives of businesses a lot easier. Technology is now at such a point that AI robots are debating with real-life human beings, and chatbots handle thousands of customer requests. And customers sitting at the other end of their laptops cannot even tell if they are interacting with a real person or a robot.

After all, the primary reason for human development will always be an increase in productivity. The human mind is the perfect learning tool, but compared to robots, it is nothing. A great idea would be to blend these two. Combining the power of AI processing with human creativity will take your employee's marketing game to a whole new level. AR is something similar but can be of great use in this scenario as well. Training programs will make use of AR in more than a handful of ways. It will allow employees to learn how to use new technology, making the transition a little bit easier.

Defining The Purpose For Human Development

The purpose of human development should extend far beyond the aspects of profitability and growth of your company. It stretches far beyond the per capita and happiness. Human development is all about giving freedom and improving human capabilities. Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen explains through her example of the Asian model of human development. The model described that emphasizing increasing literacy, educating people, and providing quality-healthcare will allow individuals to work more productively and freely in an office setting. It also allows them to have new ideas when it comes to the marketing aspect of their business.

Define Human Development Indicators

Human capital might sound more appealing and attractive than human development. Still, the pioneers who came up with this term focused on improving human welfare. It is something that companies forget nowadays. Just like human capital has its measuring stick, so does human development. Human development uses measurements and indicators that are far more practical than the ones used for human capital.

Whether these developments are economic, political, biological, or personal, you will require a framework that will allow you to know if changes are present. Development measurement metric includes:
• Feedback systems
• Setting goals and tracking them
• Getting to know these goals' performance at different levels
For example, you can conduct surveys and offer marketing training programs to your employees. You can then track these marketing training programs and surveys to know which employee is doing well in their progress and which is not. After doing so, you will be able to accurately judge what you need to do to promote human development at your firm.

Ask Leaders And Managers To Lead Human Development

Leaders and managers are crucial to any program in the marketing field. And a perfect place to start would be to define development behavior and traits for marketing managers. You will have to ensure that your marketing managers and leaders provide the best possible advice to the marketing department. At the same time, they should ensure that they will move forward in the right direction and away from bad habits.
Exposure and training are not the only way these managers and leaders can help develop the marketing department's employees. They can also do it through a reward and incentive system. They can help employees develop skills, make lifestyle changes, achieve aspirations and goals, and successfully reach development goals in the marketing field.


Human development is the cornerstone of every business out there. With human development, their business will not see an increase in profit or growth any time soon. Never confuse it with human capital. It only deals with the economic side of development. Give human development the respect it deserves and try to work on your employees for a better future for both them and your business. After all, it is your employees that run your business. You only sit in your comfortable chair, and they do the rest.

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