7 Winning Strategies To Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) In Business

Strategies to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

In this article, we highlight some key points that will help you increase the Customer Lifetime value in your Business. Read to learn more.

Ever got a coffee coupon card after a certain number of purchases? Well, that's precisely how businesses try to win new customers and turn those potential accidental sales into definite new customers. In businesses, it's crucial to gain more new customers, but that comes at a price.

Marketing techniques bringing in new customers is a long and old process. However, this cost minimizes existing customers because you have already won over the customer's belief. CLV(Customer Lifetime Value) is the only thing that matters the most in business relationships.

If you got bored offering a coffee coupon as a reward and are finding ways to increase the CLV, then check the points below. Who knows, you might find ways to save up on your coffee reward.

So, here are a few ways that can help you increase the CLV - Customer Lifetime Value.

1. Make Customer-Centered Content

Whenever you find someone talking about you on anyone's social media, that might be the best opportunity to gain new customers and make the current customers feel more valued. You can come up with new products for your company and use hashtags when and where required.

Everyone is aware of hashtags, so when someone uses your hashtags make sure you share them on your social media account. In this way, you are reciprocating the loyalty relationship between your brand and the customers.

2. Customer Service Is The Backbone.

After you have your new and old customers, I'm pretty sure you don't want to lose them because of your low-quality customer service. After he purchases something from the brand or wants to buy something, every customer will contact the customer support service. If customer support fails to solve the user's query request, then the Customer Lifetime Value will start shifting towards zero marks.

Therefore always provide good customer care with 24/7 support.

3. Cross-Selling And Up-Selling

Increasing customer lifetime value is not just about increasing the number of customers. You should upsell as well as start cross-selling your products too.

Upselling involves encouraging the customers to buy upgraded versions of the products they are currently using. For example, some app developers may encourage their users to buy the premium version of the application to generate some extra income out of the whole deal.

Cross-selling is similar to upselling. The significant difference is in upselling, we encourage the customers to buy upgraded versions of the same product, and in cross-selling, the brand offers similar products that the customer might be interested in buying.

4. Offer Excellent Service & Products

When customers come to you, they expect you to provide them exactly what they are looking for. They are already expecting you to offer them a service, a product, and to have a good relationship with you during that time.

You can provide them excellent customer support and service, one which they did not expect of. Always be in touch with them. Contact them up, tell them about where their project is. This way, you are just increasing the likelihood of them working with you again.

5. Return Policy

Suppose you offer customers some return policy like a cashback or something like that. You are making sure that they get a positive attachment with your brand. If someone buys something expensive from your brand, then the customer will be more than happy to get a return.

The customer's gift can be that small attachment with the brand that makes sure whenever they want to buy something, they come to your brand first.

6. Offer Customers Something Unique

If you are offering your customers something unique like some cool features in your products, that little gesture might give your customer lifetime value a boost that it wanted for a long time.

7. Email Marketing

After you have invested your hard work and money getting a customer to purchase a product from you, you won't like it when the same customer goes to the next shop to buy something.

How can you remain in the customer's vision after providing a service which was excellent enough but failed to stay in touch? This is where CRM and email marketing comes into use. You can make sure that the customer knows about your presence and arrives at your shop the very first moment he needs to buy something.


For any successful business, local customers play a role that no one else can play efficiently. If you start a new business, make sure you are deriving as much value as you can from your local customers. In business, strategies related to customer value and customer support play the strongest role. So if you are learning about gathering new customers, make sure you are ready to provide good customer support beforehand.

Upon searching for new connections with customers, make sure you don't forget your old customers. Customers should be well aware of all the products you are going to launch in the coming days. What all coupon customers can prevail, everything should be known to your old customers first.

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