Eric Dalius Discusses What You Must Know Before Investing in a Startup

Investing in a Startup

Investing in a startup is not a cakewalk. Most businesses fail to make profits putting one’s entire investment at a risk. Always conduct your research before you invest in a startup. If you are thinking about where you will begin your research and what points you should consider, then do not worry. In this article, we will discuss 6 things that you should consider before investing in a startup.

Know the Industry

If you want to invest in a startup then do not let your decision of investing be influenced by a sales pitch otherwise your investment might be at risk. For example, if you have a piece of good knowledge on techs and someone approaches you with a startup idea based on biotechnology then you might get hyped by the idea but you will risk your investment if you do not have proper knowledge about the market. So, make sure to conduct research and know the industry well before you invest your money in it.

Check How Passionate and Determined the Owner is!

Being an investor you should always know that you are not only investing in the business but also in the owner and how much risk it is to invest in a new business because if something goes wrong you will lose all your money.  You should check how passionate and committed the owners are with their startups- says Eric Dalius net worth. To check how determined and passionate they are with their business, you should see whether they are ready to self-fund or not.

Uniqueness and Viability of the Business Plan

Check whether the business plan is practical and has a proper framework of implementation. You should also check that the business idea you are planning to invest in is unique and can solve an existing problem easily and conveniently and can survive for a long term in the market.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Says to Investigate the Market Opportunity

After knowing the industry, you should check the market opportunity of the business, as per Eric Dalius Net Worth. Look for the size of the market that they want to cover, what kind of customers they are targeting, and the number of customers that can be reached. The business you are investing in may not cover the entire market, but you should check whether the business has the potential to grow or not. You should readily back off if the size of the targeted market is not large enough to provide a proper return for your investment.

Know the Team

The success and failure of a startup depend heavily on the team it has. You as an investor should know that when you are investing money in a startup, you are also investing in the team. This does not mean that you have to invest in a startup with a huge team only. What you need to know about the team is that whether the co-founding members are well experienced and have been successful with other companies (if any), how efficiently the team members can cooperate, and do their respective parts.

Gaining Traction

A startup needs to get early traction. Obviously, as an investor, the prime thing that you will care about is how much you will get back for your investment and in how much time. Make sure that the startup owner provides you with relevant numbers and data. You should check whether the startup owners have developed any suitable strategy to make the potential customers aware of their product or not and how many sales the company is aiming to achieve in the future. 


These are the 6 points that you should check before investing in a startup. However, this list is just to give you a basic idea of what points you should consider. Every investor has their respective specifications and points of considerations.

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