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3 Incredible Photoshop Actions from Inventicons you can’t have enough of

Inventicons is constantly pushing the limits of quirky and awe-inspiring Photoshop Actions.

Here at DealFuel, we are excited to share 3 such fascinating Photoshop Actions that are sure to get your creative design juices flowing to the fullest.

Golden Platina Photo Effect

A picture containing text, hairpiece

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Image Source - Golden Patina Photo Effect | Invent Actions

As you can see, this is a vibrant artistic photo effect that helps you create imaginative, fashionable images with a hint of gold patina.

This effect comes to you as a 5000 × 3000 pixel PSD template that you can conveniently apply to your images for some remarkably stunning results. There are options galore at your disposal, including an extensive collection of splashes or scratches, paper texture, patina, and more. While processing, you also have the liberty to apply vintage, black and white colours.

Just as impressive is the comprehensive nature of this entire design package where, besides the PSD template, you also get 3 Gold and 3 Paper Textures, 2 Patina Textures, 11 Mask Textures, along with an assortment of different brushes.

The accompanying User Guide and Demo Video help you make the most of this effect.

Horror Photoshop Action

Graphical user interface, website

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Image Source - Horror Photoshop Action | Invent Actions

There’s a unique kind of thrill to scary, horror images. Photographers and graphic designers especially like to have such images in their portfolio to showcase their skills.

Now, coming up with such chilling images manually is invariably a tough ask; often it can take an entire day just to produce one single horror image!

That is exactly where this Horror Photoshop Action proves so handy. Working effortlessly on several English Photoshop versions from CS3 to CS6 and CC, you can use this effect to produce stunning horror images with ease.

This effect works best when your image is in RGB or 8 bit colour mode. Also, medium resolutions prove to be ideal on it, viz. ones which are neither too small nor too big. Specifically, consider using images that are in the range of 2000 to 3000 pixels. 

Loading this effect is rather easy, as is using the brush model to play this action.

Double Game Action

A collage of a person

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Image Source - Double Game Action | Invent Actions

So, you have a basic image with you that you would like to jazz up in the best way possible, using it to great effect. Well, the Double Game Photoshop Action is tailormade for that. 

Using this effect, you can easily transform a standalone, relatively mundane image into something stunning, quite possibly in an altogether different setting. The image above is an apt example of such a transformation.

As with the previous Horror Action effect, it is recommended that you have your image in 8 bit, RGB colour mode. Also, please run the English version of Photoshop, across versions ranging from CS4 to CS6 as well as CC to CC 2019.

The recommended resolution range for this effect is anywhere between 1500 to 3000 pixels. Less than that is particularly not recommended, say going below 1000 pixels. 

Also, as you begin using this incredibly fascinating effect, you will find that pictures with vibrant variation and colour tend to work the best. 

Tip – You are best off avoiding brushing onto primarily dark (black?) portions of your image. That is primarily because this effect does not work very well in dark areas of your pictures. 

Finally, it would be useful to mention that running your images at a higher DPI will produce more effective results. As an example, doing so at 300 DPI will be far more impactful than at 72 DPI. 


Above we have showcased some stunning Photoshop Actions that make a world of difference to your images.

Across all 3, a striking feature is the ease with which they can be applied to come up with remarkably appealing pictures. You clearly do not need to be a seasoned Photoshop Pro for utilizing these effects to the maxim.

At DealFuel, we are delighted to share such exquisite photographic offerings from Inventicons.

Any other Photoshop Actions that you would like us to review? Tell us, and we will be overjoyed to do so!

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