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OneHash crm review

In this CRM review, we will give thorough feedback on the OneHash CRM solution. A good CRM system redefines the goals of your business. It supports business functions in a seamless manner that helps you achieve the desired goals.

OneHash CRM is one such solution that gives us an end to end support not only for sales but also for enterprise resource planning, project management, human capital management, and support desk.

Let’s find out more about how it evolved our business processes in this CRM review:

CRM Review: How it Helped Our Customer's Business Grow Faster?

" When we first received the suggestion to use OneHash CRM, our main purpose was to streamline our customer base. For that, we begin using the Customer Resource Management function offered by OneHash CRM.

Undoubtedly, within a few days, we experienced a notable difference in our sales funnel. The number of leads started rising quickly. With the help of the system’s features like zero lead leakage and timely follow-up, our sales team rarely misses any of the potential customers now.

In addition to it, the OneHash CRM system offers us the ability to efficiently look after customer complaints while timely responding to each complaint as required. As a result, our customers’ satisfaction level and retention rate are now highly increased."

Why Your Business Needs OneHash CRM?

Nowadays, no business can survive in the long run if it does not integrate cutting-edge technology into its work processes. To meet ends with the changing business environment, organizations must choose smart solutions. One such solution is OneHash CRM.

Just like we evolved our customer management with its features, OneHash CRM also has the ability to create effective collaboration, automate processes, better pipeline management, and increase revenues for businesses.

Nonetheless, you may also utilize the system for improving your organization’s inventory management, project management, human resource management, and customer support.

Regardless of the advantages, you take from the world’s fastest CRM, it surely helps you to save your team’s time. By tracking the time-consuming chores, intelligently automate such tasks and allow team members to focus on more essential job responsibilities.

With the help of such automation tools, you will no longer be wasting your time to change client status, respond to immediate client’s queries and streamline the priority tasks to achieve set targets.

CRM Review: What makes it different from other CRM systems?

Once you decide to adopt a CRM solution to your business, you will find a number of options to go for. Here we will share with you some of the core features that make OneHash CRM stand out from the rest:

Highly Agile

Agility in CRM system allows you to adapt timely changes with the changing market trends. Not only does it suggest we take necessary steps with the changing market needs but it also enforces customer demands and competitive threats in the system where necessary.

OneHash CRM is designed for small to mid-sized and large companies. As we used the system and explored the multiple exciting features it offered, its agility is always the first thing that appealed to us always.

While being highly agile, OneHash CRM created a centralized hub for our different business functions including sales, marketing, social media, accounts management, etc. Needless to mention, such integration between different operations is essential for a smooth workflow.

Economical SaaS-based CRM

As your business grows, you need to work with a system that monitors the performance of the team, gives an insight on the sales team's performance, easily generates sales reports, give reminders and task management tools to meet deadlines, and informs about current deals in the pipeline.

We got all this at once by not even spending thousands of dollars with OneHash CRM. It is designed as per the budget considerations of small to medium-sized businesses. So you don’t have to limit your spending on other important business development tasks.

Customer Friendly

Customer retention is the most significant aspect of a business’s success. To acquire, retain, and sustain customer loyalty a customer-friendly CRM solution is required. OneHash CRM has it all for us.

It helps us to build and maintain customer relationships throughout the customer journey, from the first step till the end. This includes the post-purchase customer service as well.

We can guarantee the quality customer support received with this platform to resolve customer issues that were about to leave.

Easy reports configuration

We often face the challenge to configure information gathered from various platforms and team members. Seamless system configuration in OneHash CRM is undoubtedly the best solution to easily configure unique views, test modification, combine information collected from multiple sources.

Moreover, it gives us the choice of our preferred language, currency, layout, and designs as well. Which makes our reports exactly what we want for decision-making purposes.

There are a number of options to view reports, we used Kanban view for task segregation, deadlines management, and pictorial study of documents respectively.

Accurate CRM Analytics

Forecasts for any business are based on the numbers and analytics received from the current performance. If we fail to get the correct CRM analytics then it will affect our future decisions as well.

OneHash CRM evaluates customer data at every step of the sales process. Also, it keenly observes the lead generating funnel and provides us with required feedback to take corrective actions.

If your CRM system is not measuring the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns, the profitability of current deals, and predicting the future opportunity-generating models then this is high time to switch towards OneHash CRM.

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