Are Lifetime Deals Worth The Hype?

lifetime deals

Building a successful business online takes a village! It is next to impossible to achieve this feat without help from external tools and apps. Right from building a website, marketing it, operating a support desk to scheduling social media - every action requires virtual help. There are unlimited resources out there with unlimited subscriptions and plans. How tiresome is it to keep track of the expiry of each tool and  paying monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fees? Not to mention incredibly expensive. This is where lifetime deals swoop in to the rescue. 

What exactly is a lifetime deal? A lifetime deal includes products or licenses that are offered to customers for use over the lifetime of the product. Simply put, this means that as long as the product is up and running, you will have access to it. So with one lump sum payment, you are free to use the product without worrying about it expiring or recurring payments. In short, if you are a business owner, lifetime deals make your life a breeze! Some lifetime products worth investing in are - productivity tools, project management tools, social media tools, email marketing tools, and many more. 

Why Should You Prefer Lifetime Deals Over Annual Deals?

  • HUGE Savings - The biggest advantage that a lifetime deal has over an annual one is that you save bucket loads of money! We have all experienced the horrors of expired subscriptions due to credit card decline or simply forgetting to pay at least once in our life. 
  • Lesser Bookkeeping Efforts -  Imagine having to keep track of multiple resources, their subscriptions, their payments and  deadlines. Almost sounds like a nightmare. Lifetime deals are much more convenient. Pay once and use the product without hiccups forever! 
  • Free Updates - Most lifetime deals offer free updates that happen automatically. This helps you stay up to date with the latest technology without so much as having to blink! It also frees you from the “Do I need it? Do I not?” dilemma. Or the headache of manual updates. 

What Are The Considerations of Choosing a Lifetime Deal?

Just because you see a lifetime deal, does not mean you snatch it up without thinking! It is important to consider your requirements, the ROI on the product and the effect it will have on your business. So what should you look out for?

  1. Audit Your Requirements -

Ask yourself the following questions - 

“What are my requirements?” 

“How are my existing products working?”

“What needs to be upgraded?”

 “Is it worth upgrading?”

 “Is anything missing?”

“What are my future requirements?”  And so on.

  1. Check The Product Roadmap - 

Many times, companies offering lifetime deals are new and budding. Hence there is always a risk of these companies going under. It is not a frequent occurrence, but we cannot overlook the risk. In order to protect yourself, always check the roadmap for the product. How many platforms are they running a deal for? What are their future updates and plans? How much rating has it received? What do the existing customers have to say on OTHER HIGH AUTHORITY REVIEW WEBSITES? And so on.

  1. Read The Fine Print -

Always.. always .. always [and I cannot emphasize this enough] read the deal terms carefully. Make sure you choose the right plan for you. Check for compatibility and required software. Does it include future updates? What are its limitations? Is free support provided? How does it fare compared to its competitors? Make an informed decision so you don’t encounter any surprises and get value for money.

If you didn’t know what lifetime deals were, we hope you have a much better understanding of them now. These simple guidelines will help you make better choices and ask the right questions before clicking “Buy”. SaaS products are an inevitable part of any business, might as well save some money while you’re at it and make it a win-win situation! Now that you know everything you need to about lifetime deals, it's time to get started. Check out some of the best selling lifetime deals that we have to offer. Maybe you find the tool you've always wanted!

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