What makes AnonVPN.io so Special?

AnonVPN makes it possible for you to use the Internet with total anonymity:

  • Supports voucher code payment system
  • Personal identification information is not saved
  • No credit card details asked
  • No PayPal accounts synced
  • Not even Bitcoin addresses registration
  • No email verification required
  • Zero emails sent unless a tech support issues arise
  • Recommends not to use your primary email
  • Strictly follows NO LOGS Policy

Check out their privacy policy, which also contains a "canary clause" regarding their NO LOGS policy


Key aspects of  AnonVPN.io, the Online Privacy Service Provider:

AnonVPN.io for Online Privacy-Features Image


Device Compatibility of AnonVPN.io:

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP3
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Manual configuration works on iOS 6.0 or later & Android 4.0 or later


Basic System Requirements for AnonVPN.io are:

  • Mack 10.8+
  • Win XP+
  • Android OpenVPN Client
  • iOS OpenVPN Client


Deal terms (licensing, support and update details, restrictions etc.)

  • Currently includes 6 servers (will increase over time)
  • Allows connectivity of 5 devices per user account
  • Currently, AnonVPN.io does not have dedicated mobile apps.
  • It can be manually configured on mobile devices that support VPN capability in their OS such as iOS and Android.
  • Does not support usage in China.


Go Anonymous With AnonVPN.io & Enjoy Safest Browsing Experience.


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