3-in-1 App Essentials Mega eCourse Bundle

There are an estimated 80 million iPhone users in the world and the little green Android robot holds a 75% share of the smartphone market. Want to reach out to every one of them?

Yes? Then get your own mobile app.

Claim your spot in the mobile App economy today with 1 knockout punch of this 3-in-1 app essentials mega eCourse bundle!

This 3-in-1 eCourse bundle will teach you:

  • One powerful language (AS3) to develop apps across all supported mobile options
  • How to attract reviewers, reach your audience, create buzz, and improve placement in App Stores

Now you can learn app development and app promotion in 1 go!

Grab these 3 amazing eCourses just for $49 (DealClub $36.25)

Mobile iOS and Android Development with Adobe Air from 02Skills

Watch sample video here

While Apple really wants you to code in C# and Google wants you to develop in Java for Android, Microsoft wants you to develop in .net and blackberry in... you get the point.

Should one person have to build in so many languages then start from scratch for each output application?

The answer -- if you ask these companies respectfully -- would be yes.  They would love to lock you into one language - there language!

Adobe Air is fully supported on Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad), Blackberry,Android, Televisions, Desktops (mac and pc) and more. With support to over 6,000 devices. You just need to know one powerful language (AS3) and with it you can develop applications for all the supported mobile and desktop options.

Course1: Adobe AIR Desktop, Android and iOS Development Starter

Key Takeaways

  • Learn basics of App Development with Vol. 1
  • Get to know What is Adobe Air
  • Build a Basic Desktop Application
  • Build a Basic Android Application
  • Build a Basic iOS application

Course 2: Mobile Application Development made easy: iOS and Android (Advanced)

Key Takeaways

  • Learn advanced level App development with Vol. 2
  • Learn to develop applications supported by multiple OS
  • Understand how to build applications faster by leveraging existing web technologies and design patterns.
  • Learn to develop apps at much lower cost

Marketing Mobile Apps for Top Visibility from DeltinaU

Develop your apps and make it your audience's favorite with the most effective marketing and promotion techniques

Watch sample video here

Course 3: Marketing Mobile App for Top Visibility

Key Takeaways:

  • Get fast, easy-to-use app marketing strategies and systems
  • Learn how to target and massively increase your app's exposure to your target audience
  • See how to improve and boost your app store rankings
  • Learn how to get valuable exposure for your app from the media, reviewers, and bloggers
  • Learn how to optimize your app assets for best placement in the app store
  • Understand how to build a system to maintain your app’s marketing momentum for the rest of its natural life
  • and much more...

You'll also get:

Examples, templates, and worksheets including: sample media kits, press releases, sell sheets, and tons of other great resources!!

What students are saying...

"Wish this course had come out earlier. I've been looking in different directions for the way that would work best for me to develop mobile apps and Ben (02Geek) did a great job."  - Barry Birkett

"If you have a great app, but no marketing plan, you don’t have a great app. “Marketing Mobile Apps…” will open your head to what you need to do and help you develop a marketing game plan long before you need to implement one. No one is going to find your app by searching the app store. Course is undervalued price-wise."Michael M.

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