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  • Daily Automatic Scan
  • One Click Auto Cleanup
  • Login Protection
  • Hardening Security
  • Email Support
  • Website Firewall

Stop worrying about your WordPress website security. Cause we've got the Best WordPress Security Plugin for you!

It is truly one of a kind with its amazing features:

  • Daily Automatic Scan
  • On-Demand Scan
  • One Click Auto Cleanup
  • Login Protection
  • Security Against Hacking
  • Hardening Security
  • Website Firewall
  • Email Support (Response within 24 hours)

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Let's Watch Malcare - The Best WordPress Security Plugin In Action:



What makes MalCare unique?


MalCare is the First fully Automatic WordPress Malware Scanner and Cleaner that does NOT overload your server, ever.

It was developed after analyzing 240,000+ websites and uses 100+ internal signals to identify the most complex malware. It combines external security with Website Management and Security Hardening.


Malcare- The Best WordPress Security PluginMalCare - The Best WordPress Security Plugin- Trust


Why MalCare?


It is truly one of a kind not only because of the features it offers but also the twist it adds to each of them. MalCare is from the makers of BlogVault, the trusty WordPress Backup plugin.

It implements and enforces Site Hardening and Maintenance techniques apart from also enabling easy and accurate scanning without overloading your server, and cleaning out malware with just one-click.

The plugin even blocks untrusted IPs and bots through a powerful Firewall.


Take a look at the MalCare features to see what you’re in for!

Malcare: The Best WordPress Security Plugin - Unique FeaturesMalCare In Numbers


1. Automatic Malware Scans:

With MalCare, you can scan your site for malware with just one-click whenever you want to, but the real treat is the Daily Automatic Scan. It uses 100+ Intelligent Signals against 240,000 websites to weed out any malware on your site.


2. Early detection of even Complex malware:

All changes are tracked to detect even the Hardest - to - Find Complex malware and then synced incrementally onto the MalCare server. Now you don’t have to worry about your page slowing down because of server overload, since all security operations here, run on MalCare server.


3. Minimal False Positives:

MalCare will never send you any false alarms. Instead, MalCare will detect malware before Google blacklists or web hosts shuts down the site.


4. High-speed Malware Cleaner:

Malcare: Best WordPress Security Plugin - SIte Clean

This security plugin provides a malware Cleaner you can operate with just one-click, which will carefully remove even the most unknown or complex malware without affecting the rest of your site.


5. Powerful Web Application Firewall:

An Integrated Web Application Firewall helps you block bad IPs tracked across Global Server Network and log each and every IP request on the Live Tracking Graph.


6. Login Protection:

Malcare: Best WordPress Security Plugin - Login Protection and Firewall

Catch all the Suspicious Login Attempts with Brute Force Attack Protection by Limiting the number of failed login attempts and Captcha-based Protection. Track Login Request Live using graphs and logs


7. Site Hardening:

WordPress recommended Site Hardening techniques which protect the backend of your site, can be easily enabled with just a few clicks using MalCare.

Malcare: Best WordPress Security Plugin - Site Hardening - Zoomed

These include changing security keys, protecting Upload Folders, preventing PHP execution in vulnerable folders, and even disabling File Editor. You can disallow rogue plugin and theme installations as well.


8. Site Management:

Site Management is an important factor in fool-proof security and MalCare helps you do just that. From Resetting passwords to Updating, Removing, Tracking plugins and themes, MalCare helps you do it all and more!

Malcare: Best WordPress Security Plugin - Dashboard You can Update WordPress core and enable Auto updating plugins and themes from within the MalCare dashboard itself.


Choose A Perfect Plan That Suits Your Requirements:

Malcare Pricing Plans


1. Personal Plan: 1 Site

  • Original Price: $99
  • Deal Price: $29
  • DealClub Price: $21.75


2. Business Plan: Upto 3 Sites

  • Original Price: $180
  • Deal Price: $59
  • DealClub Price: $44.25


3. Business Plan: Upto 5 Sites

  • Original Price: $259
  • Deal Price: $89
  • DealClub Price: $66.75


See What Customers Say About Malcare!

Malcare: The Best WordPress Security Plugin -Testimonials


Deal Terms:

  • After the purchase, you will receive a coupon code and a step-by-step instruction on how to access the plugin.
  • This deal includes Malcare Personal Security Single Site License for 1 Year.
  • Email Support will be provided.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing or giving away is NOT permitted.


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1 review for Maximize Your Website’s Protection With Malcare: The Best WP Security Plugin

  1. Richard

    I’ve been using it for a couple of months by now. When adding an infected website the cleanup is a breeze. But you still have to take some action to prevent an infection from happening again (e.g. cleanup shitty/old plugins etc).
    The backups are very reliable and the migration, staging en backup test options are really easy and useful.

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