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  • Drag & drop 44 pre-designed HTML blocks
  • Add SEO to your page easily
  • Style text, add background color, fonts
  • Edit your web pages’ links & interlink them
  • Transfer website to web-hosting
  • Edit source code of every HTML block

Forget about coding your websites from scratch.

Rather than forcing a complex and obscure templating system upon you, Dragify takes a different approach by letting you build websites by using blocks.

With Dragify you can create stunning websites for yourself, your business, or for others.

  • Drag & drop 44 pre-designed HTML blocks
  • Add SEO to your page easily
  • Style text, add background color, fonts
  • Edit your web pages' links & interlink them
  • Transfer your website to your web-hosting
  • Edit source code of every HTML block

Key Features:

  • Ready Made HTML Sections (Blocks) - Dragify comes with 44 built-in ready-made HTML sections: headers, contents, and footers
  • Bootstrap Framework - Dragify website generator is based on the world's famous bootstrap Framework to build responsive websites
  • Drag and Drop Builder - Easily drag pre-defined HTML sections onto your web page in a click
  • Editing your Web pages - Edit the links, content, text, and images of your website using our text editors. You can also edit the HTML code of your website with few clicks
  • Live Publishing & Sync - Publish your site directly live using our "FTP Publish" option. In a click, your site will be transferred to your hosting
  • User-Friendly - From beginners to experienced developers, Dragify is suitable for everyone. Dragify's drag and drop functionality, code editor, bootstrap framework make Dragify ideal for everyone
  • Light Weight CMS - Dragify is both a CMS and website builder, which allows you to put a page and entire site together swiftly. Combined with Built-in publishing feature, Dragify can be used as a basic CMS where you can edit your site online
  • Mobile Friendly Design - All the websites built using Dragify are mobile-friendly. Thanks to Bootstrap Framework. Any PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet, give the best of your website to visitors
  • Export Your Site - Besides the sync feature, you can also export your finished website including assets like CSS, Javascript, and Images

Watch website generator in action from Dragify:

Deal Terms:

  • You will receive a unique coupon code which you will have to redeem on Dragify website
  • Support and Updates are free for lifetime
  • Includes all Dragify templates
  • License Lifetime for Standard Plan
  • 10 Site CMS - have 10 website projects active

Grab this ultimate website generator for lifetime for just $29 (DealClub $22)











6 reviews for Dragify Website Generator – Lifetime Access

  1. Sean

    Hi, Sounds like a good package. Please explain more on 10 Site CMS – have 10 website projects active, will one be limited to creating 10 websites? Also went to their website and this was not clear and I could not find terms and conditions.

  2. Francesco

    Hi, I’m curious too! I didn’t really understand what “10 Site CMS – have 10 website projects active” means. If somebody please, can answer. Thanks

    • Swati Gole

      Basically it allows for 10 active ‘projects’, you can create as many sites as you wish, but only you can have 10 ‘stored’ if you want to put it that way. Once you create a site you can export it to your computer or upload to your web server. If you don’t want to ‘save’ it in Dragify then it doesn’t count as one of the 10.

  3. Rob

    Hi all, the 10 Site CMS/Active projects means that your account will allow you to have up to 10 sites under your account. This system allows you to build and save and have up t0 10. Or you can build and then export the site and not save them under your account. So you can create unlimited sites but you can only have up to 10 saved unless you upgrade to the Pro plan.

  4. meruth101

    Update as of 5/28/2017 at 8:41am https://dragify.com seems to be up and fully functionally and I was able to get access with my 100% off promo code. I thought it only fair since I left the comments above about my struggles getting access to dragify that I let you know that I did finally get access. I am looking forward to seeing what this HTML web builder has to offer and hope it turns out to be one of my favorite tools to use – time will tell. Unfortunately I cannot give this a 5 star rating because of the difficulties. Maybe if someone from dealfuel or dragify would have responded to my emails that might have made a difference.

  5. James

    for unlimited projects how much would it cost? … thanks

  6. catrinel.loreta

    Ok, so you can export it. But can you import it back in Dragify later on and continue from there?

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