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  • Create an electronic signature
  • Sign and collect signatures
  • Make document templates
  • Get status notifications
  • Work in offline mode
  • Сollaborate & manage teams
  • Cross-platform app

Ready to go paperless?? Here is an online signature software for everyday needs that allows you to sign documents and collect signatures anywhere, anytime, on any device, even offline. Meet 

KeepSolid Sign - An Online Signature Solution

KeepSolid Sign is an electronic signature software that releases you from the old-fashioned print-sign-scan routine.

  • Create your own electronic signature
  • Sign and store documents even on-the-go
  • Create document templates
  • Get status notifications about your agreements
  • Print and export documents
  • Work in offline mode
  • Collaborate and manage teams
  • Add observers and public annotations
  • Import documents from Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, or OneDrive

KeepSolid Sign will save you a great deal of hassle and make the filling and signing pdf documents a piece of cake. Now you can close deals or enter contracts in a couple of clicks.

Import a document. Sign in with your e-Signature. Send to other signers. DONE!  So get started now...

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Take A Closer Look At KeepSolid Sign:

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Features of KeepSolid Sign Online Signature Solution:

This light-weight online signature software will make your work with contracts, agreements, invoices, etc., as easy as possible, saving your precious time.

  • Set a fixed signing order - Set a specific order for the signers of your document if necessary.
  • Send documents to an unlimited number of signers - This app is free for your signers.
  • Audit trail - Get a detailed report of activities and versions of any document.
  • High-grade security - Use KeepSolid Sign and be sure that your documents are protected with SSL and AES-256 encryption.
  • API integration - Get access to e-Signature software in a brand-new form.
  • In-person signing - Sign the needed document together with your partners on the single device. Hand over your device to signees to get their signatures right off the bat
  • Multiple annotation types - Add fields for signature, initials, text, date, or checkmark to your contracts.
  • Convenient authentication - Access KeepSolid Sign on-the-go using Touch ID or Passcode.
  • Cross-platform app - Works on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and in the Web version.
  • Reminders - Send notifications to slacking signees of pending documents.
  • Participant roles - Assign specific roles for participants according to your needs.
  • Adjustable workflow - Organize your work process as you see fit.
  • Annotation types - Add fields for signature, initials, text, date, or checkmark to your docs.
  • Auxiliary messages - Add comments and clarifications to documents for other participants.
  • Print and export - Save contracts or send them for printing right from the app.


With KeepSolid Sign, You Will:

  • Manage the signing process remotely in a fast, easy, and secure manner
  • Say “goodbye” to print-and-scan routine
  • Create your own electronic signature
  • Have a lot of opportunities working in the offline mode
  • Be always up-to-date about the status of your documents
  • Improve the overall workflow of your team

Since signing documents on a paper appeared to be a burden, businesses strive to use some instruments for minimizing this bureaucratic process. And that’s exactly what we offer to you!


KeepSolid Sign e-Signature Software Is Apt For:

While closing deals, signing contracts, or onboarding employees, people in any form of business definitely need a signature. Anyone and everyone who is a part of a Business, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Technical Service, Logistics, Education or Marketing.

  • Sales: Quickly convert leads into sales with templates for your typical contracts. Sign contracts electronically and prepare them for clients in the offline mode. Get more agile in negotiations and amend your agreements faster.
  • HR: Onboard new employees in a fast and convenient way for both sides. Sign job offers, NDAs, vacation approvals, and employee leave checklists. Keep all your documents in place with a secure document archive.
  • Service provision: Prepare all the documents upfront and remotely. Spare your customers hurried up examination of contacts. Sign your contracts in minutes with predefined templates.
  • Real estate: Sign all sorts of real estate and different listing services forms. Discuss, coordinate, and finalize provisions online. Sign delivery and acceptance act electronically.


Pricing Plans Of KeepSolid Sign Online Signature Solution:


1-Year Plan:


Deal Price: $23.99            |        DealClub Price: $17.99

Normally: $99.99             |        You Save: 76% 


3- Years Plan:


Deal Price: $44.99         |         DealClub Price: $33.74

Normally: $350     |         You Save: 87.14% 


Testimonials Of KeepSolid Sign An Online Signature Solution:


Victor S - 

I'm satisfied with the app overall. It does really help to streamline the document signing process.

Yolanda -

I love the templates feature, where we can create the doc once and reuse it anytime  

Matthew - 

It's awesome and very user-friendly!

Micheal - 

Like the storage aspect, keeping all documents together with folder structures.

Alexander - 

Quick and rather simple workflow.

Jack - 

What I like most about KeepSolid Sign? The simplicity and being more in control of the process. Nicely designed. The ability to use multiple devices.

S.T. - 

I am using the app for 3+ months and it is getting better with every update. It is stable, synchronizes with my iPhone and quite easy to send documents for signature and automate the document exchange process.

Slava - 

I like this app, it is really easy-to-use, fast and usefull way to have all my docs signed in one place.

Vanda -

I sign agreements quite often and was looking for simple way to do it. This app has all basic features that totally meet my needs

Nancy -

Now I can sign and send contracts directly from my phone and nothing additional is needed

Liza -

I spent a long time looking for a good app to manage and sign contracts from iPhone. And now I finally got it!


Deal Terms:

  • System Requirements: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web
  • Length of access: 1 year, 3 years as per the plan selected.
  • Redemption: Must redeem within 30 days of purchase.
  • Restrictions: This product is for 5 users only.
  • Access options: desktop and mobile
  • Support: For any kind of technical support contact: [email protected]

Download Keepsolid Sign to fill and sign any pdf document even while on-the-go. 


Buy KeepSolid Sign Online Signature Software
At A Deal Price Starting From $23.99 Only!


Normally: $99.99            |           You SAVE:  76%


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