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  • 83 Online business training courses
  • Unlimited lifetime period access
  • Hands-on skill-oriented courses
  • 24*7 Access- Anytime, Anywhere
  • Verifiable course completion certificates
  • Viewable on any device
  • Allows offline viewing

Running your own venture is easy if you can master a key component of business: Marketing your products online and offline promotions.

Here is a bundle of courses that we have carefully selected keeping in mind the needs of a newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur.

  • 49 Sales and Marketing Courses
  • 14 Digital Marketing Courses
  • 7 Management & Operation Courses
  • 6 Business Strategy Courses
  • 4 Branding Courses
  • 4 Miscellaneous Courses

This bundle is a Real Bargain for just $29. Less than 50 cents/course for LIFETIME access.

Isn't that a deal? 

With less than 50/cents per course, this deal is a no-brainer for anyone who is :

  • An Entrepreneur running his/her own venture wishing to excel online marketing techniques to build their brand.
  • A Young Marketing Executive or a Non-Marketing Professional aspiring to learn all the tactics of marketing,
  • A Marketing Student who wants to compare the effectiveness of digital marketing & social media options.
  • A Sales Representative/Trainee or a Business Strategist keen to nail the art of growth hacking bringing more leads and sales.
  • A Businessman/ Corporate/ Professional looking forward to effectively manage a team.
  • A Business Management Student aspiring to learn skills from personal branding to leadership skills.


The 83 Online Business Training Courses Bundle Includes All Things Business:


49 Sales and Marketing Courses

Explore the core of elements of Marketing. These marketing tutorials help you learn traditional marketing strategies as well as digital tools and techniques. Develop effective marketing campaigns and plans.

Scale your business with growth hacking marketing techniques, digital marketing strategy, convert traffic into sales. Learn content marketing strategies that engage readers and brings in more leads and sales.


14 Digital Marketing Courses

Explore online marketing techniques, get your marketing campaigns off on the right track to build your brand. Learn advanced features of Google Analytics and how to budget, create, place and manage ads on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Create valuable, memorable and engaging content that drives customers to action. These tutorials will make you learn to develop effective content marketing strategies to promote your brand and how to measure the result.


7 Management & Operation Courses

Learn how to effectively manage a team. Get to know the principle behind the Key Management terms through these management tutorials. Master the different concepts and ways to manage the operation process. In these tutorials, you will learn lean manufacturing system, logistics management, e-commerce logistics, material handling.


6 Business Strategy Courses

Apply the effective strategies through various tools and techniques taught through these strategy tutorials. A bundle of courses from where you can learn how to develop, plan and manage your organizational strategy.


4 Branding Courses

These branding tutorials teach foundational skills necessary to land a job in branding. Get branding ideas and learn the basics of brand management and how to increase the reach, the credibility of your organization and how to maintain brand image.


4 Miscellaneous Courses

 Learn all about VLSI Training, Accounting Softwares, Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting and much more.


The complete list of the courses in this 83-in-1 course bundle:


Sr. Course name Course page Link Category
1. Brand Management (Module #1) - Introduction Branding
2. Brand Management (Module #2) - Brand Equity Branding
3. Brand Management (Module #3) - Brand Positioning & Communication Branding
4. Brand Management (Module #4) - E-Branding Branding
5. Content Creation Marketing Strategies Content Marketing
6. Content Marketing Content Marketing
7. Pinterest for Business Digital Marketing
8. Digital Marketing - Display Advertising Digital Marketing
9. LinkedIn:03 - Business Caselets Digital Marketing
10. LinkedIn:02 - Blog Digital Marketing
11. Instagram Marketing Digital Marketing
12. LinkedIn:01 - Hiring Solutions Digital Marketing
13. Innovative Customer Service Techniques Training Management
14. Website Management Essentials Training Management
15. How to Name Your Brand Management
16. Effective Events Management Course Management
17. Retail Management Course Management
18. Interview Training Bundle Management
19. Introduction to Email Marketing Marketing
20. Internet Marketing Basics Marketing
21. Offline Marketing Training Marketing
22. Marketing Psychology Marketing
23. Mobile Marketing Marketing
24. LinkedIn:04 - Advertising Marketing
25. Consumer Behaviour (Module #1) - Consumer Research Marketing
26. Consumer Behaviour (Module #2) - Consumer learning Marketing
27. Linkedin Marketing Marketing
28. Copywriting Tutorials Marketing
29. Affiliate Marketing Marketing
30. Market Research using Conjoint Analysis Marketing
31. Facebook Marketing Insights Marketing
32. Supply Chain Management Operations
33. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Others
34. The Magic of LinkedIn - LinkedIn Strategies for Business Success Others
35. Customer Analytics Course Others
36. Service Sector Marketing - Learn 8Ps of Marketing Sales and Marketing
37. Service Sector Marketing Beyond 4Ps Sales and Marketing
38. Fundamentals of Marketing Research Sales and Marketing
39. International Marketing Course Sales and Marketing
40. Marketing Research and International Markets Sales and Marketing
41. Rural Marketing Course Training Sales and Marketing
42. Social Network Marketing Sales and Marketing
43. Email Marketing Training Sales and Marketing
44. Client Servicing Sales and Marketing
45. Social Media Channels Sales and Marketing
46. Market Research - Research Methodology Sales and Marketing
47. Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses Sales and Marketing
48. Agile Social Media Marketing Sales and Marketing
49. Content Management System Sales and Marketing
50. Consumer Behaviour - Consumer Perception and Decision Making Sales and Marketing
51. Marketing Course Training Bundle Sales and Marketing
52. Guerrilla Marketing Techniques Sales and Marketing
53. Viral Marketing Sales and Marketing
54. Email Marketing - Build a Powerful Targeted Email Database Sales and Marketing
55. Sales Training - The Art of Persuasion and Selling Training Sales and Marketing
56. Advertising and Promotions Training Course Sales and Marketing
57. Fundamentals of Marketing Research Training Sales and Marketing
58. Fundamentals of Marketing Research Training Sales and Marketing
59. Media Planning & Strategy for a Successful Advertising Sales and Marketing
60. Digital Marketing Training Sales and Marketing
61. Advertising in Contemporary Society Sales and Marketing
62. Shopping Ads Tutorials Sales and Marketing
63. Digital Marketing (Module #5) - Blogging Sales and Marketing
64. Digital Marketing (Module #4) - SEO,SMM,PPC Sales and Marketing
65. Digital Marketing (Module #3) - Twitter Marketing Sales and Marketing
66. Online Brand Management Training Sales and Marketing
67. Brand Management Course: Building a Strong Brand Sales and Marketing
68. SMM - Social Media Marketing Training Sales and Marketing
69. CMS - Content Management System and Marketing Sales and Marketing
70. Introduction to Content Marketing Sales and Marketing
71. Content Marketing Training Sales and Marketing
72. LinkedIn:08 - Apps SEO
73. LinkedIn:07 - Business Plus SEO
74. LinkedIn:06 - Business Solutions SEO
75. LinkedIn:05 - Case Study on Marketing Solutions SEO
76. Local SEO SEO
77. On Page Optimization - A/B Testing SEO
78. Internet Business Ideas Strategy
79. SEO and Search Engine - SEO to Rank #1 in Google Strategy
80. Strategic Management Strategy
81. Strategic Management (Module #1) - Introduction Strategy
82. Strategic Management Module #2) - Organisational Appraisal Strategy
83. Strategic Management (Module #3) - Strategic Change Management Strategy


Highlights of 83-in-1 Online Business Training Courses Bundle:

  • Unlimited lifetime period access
  • Hands-on skill-oriented courses
  • 24*7 Access- Anytime, Anywhere
  • Verifiable course completion certificates
  • Viewable on any device
  • Allows offline viewing


What other Happy Buyers have to say:


Review 1: Ivana Slavkovski Bili

Course Reviewed: SEO and Search Engine - SEO to Rank #1 in Google

Ivana's Words: Very helpful Training on SEO

This course is very well conceived, nicely presented and concise. It contains a lot of information important to everyone interested in SEO - beginners and more advanced professionals alike. The presenter is obviously a professional in this field and a good teacher as well, he speaks great English also. There were a lot of examples to show the application of SEO which for me was very important. Thank you and keep making courses like this.


Review 2: Fredric C

Course Reviewed: Email Marketing - Build a Powerful Targeted Email Database

Fredric's Words: Reviewing Email Marketing - Build a Powerful Targeted Email Database

From this course understood that Email marketing and digital marketing are synonymous.  That there are new techniques of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, Display marketing like banner ads, social media marketing.  The Oldest technique is email marketing. The use of Email marketing is to create brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads but there is a specific process to do it. Email marketing is not the same as bulk emails. There are 4 steps involved in email marketing 1) build a database/ list of email addresses(obtain permission to send emails), 2)create email/email designing,3)  sending email, 4) tracking the email.  The purpose of email marketing is to Build a connection with the end user or what you would like to offer to the customer.


Review 3: David Rico Rico

Course Reviewed: Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

David's Words:  SEO training

SEO is always something you must know, all courses about SEO and SERP are always welcome, since it helps you increase the rank of your website and so the visits and so the sales, you must optimize your website in order to rank at the top of each and every keyword on Google as well as other search engines, One should try this course.


Review 4: Sweety Kakkar

Course Reviewed:  Display Advertising

Sweety's Words:  Digital Marketing - Display Advertising

I'm happy with the training provided by Educa. These videos are really good and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to those who want to make a career in digital marketing.


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