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Everyone wants to rank 1 on Google. Everyone doesn’t. Your monthly search analysis is now more organized, effective and lightning fast. That’s the magic of our new tool SEOBUDDY – it helps you make consistent progress! This SEO Checklist is your roadmap to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and get more organic traffic.


SEOBUDDY is an SEO productivity tool packed with everything you need to grow your search traffic, outsmart your competitors and take control of your entire SEO strategy. It keeps track of the results and websites you’ve reviewed so you never have to waste time analyzing the same search result again. It turns a daunting list of tasks into daily bite-sized missions for your team to complete. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the data and disheartened by the scale of the challenge, let your team focus on the daily tasks that will drive real SEO results.


If you’re newer to SEO, or just struggling, The SEO Checklist helps in a few ways:

✔ You’ll see the bigger picture of what needs to be done to optimize and rank a site.
✔ You’ll be able to track what you have and haven’t done, so you don’t miss important stuff.
✔ And you’ll be able to follow along with super detailed step-by-step documents.


So it makes it clear what you have to do AND how to do it. The SEO Checklist includes:

✅ 102-Point SEO Checklist
🔗 Links to the best blog posts or videos covering each point.
🧾 60 Step-by-Step Process Docs (detailed standard operating procedures)
📕 63 Pages SEO Checklist eBook
🤩 And 3 extra bonuses to help you get the work done.


You can download the Google Sheets and make it your own, or use the interactive Web App version (this allows you to assign tasks to team members).

485 companies signed up in the last month alone!


4 Keys Problems SEO Checklist Solves


What do You Get With This SEO Checklist?

  • You’re presented with the top 100 results for each of your target keywords.
  • You can review the result and can categorize the opportunities in a single click.
  • You can then easily manage the backlink opportunities, content ideas as well as keep track of competitors.

Here’s What You Can do With This SEO Checklist –

  • Hunt the most relevant backlinks – Find new untapped backlink opportunities. Make sure you’re pursuing the most valuable and relevant backlinks. See what high authority domains could link to your content.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Discover great content ideas – Discover the most popular content online for any topic. Get lucrative content ideas based on your target keywords. Learn how to improve your existing content so it ranks better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Start spying on your competitors – What’s driving traffic to their site? What important backlinks do they have that you can get? What content assets bring them the most success?                                                                                    
  • Easily monitor and manage your team’s SEO activity – Manage all team activity without the need for time wasting emails and spreadsheets. See at a glance what individuals are doing and monitor how well they’re performing. Give your team visibility of their activity and targets, and incentivize top performers. Quickly and easily onboard new team members, such as a freelance writer or analyst.

What’s Inside This SEO Checklist?


Here’s a Peek Into This SEO Checklist – 

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