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Save time, effort, and money, then hyper boost your business! Automate all marketing tasks so you can sit back and see your sales and leads shooting up organically.  24/7 all 365 days a year!  Presenting the only social media marketing automation platform you will need to do 90% of your marketing tasks. Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger with SocialNowa! 


Hyper boost your lead generation and sales on automation with SocialNowa ChatBot– The no.1 marketing and automation platform.

Get More Out of the Tools You Already Use! Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, SocialNowa connects to the marketing tools you already use, and the best part is that it can automatize them for you!


Features of This Social Media Marketing Automation Platform-

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbots
  • Social Media Automatization
  • Messenger E-Commerce Store
  • Instagram Posting
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Instagram Reply
  • Messenger Marketing
  • Contactless Menu
  • WordPress Integration
  • Previous Subscriber Import
  • Facebook Auto Comment
  • Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Automated Answers to FAQs, Pre Sale Queries
  • Social Media Marketing

Bonus Features!

  • Facebook Hidden Interest Explorer – Now get access to untapped goldmine of Facebook Hidden interest to make your next Ad super successful! And, Yes this is a bonus for you!
  • Website Comparison – Yes now you can spy on your competitor’s website with this amazing comparison tool. This too is a bonus!


Here’s a Peek Into The Dashboard of This Platform-


What You Can do With Social Media Marketing Automation

  • Automate Facebook Messenger
  • Post content across multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. You can schedule social media posts as well!
  • Create your ECom store to sell physical or digital goods from any of your Facebook Pages!
  • Share images or videos to Instagram. You can automate this task by using our scheduled posting feature, plus much more!
  • Automate answers to the frequently asked questions, manage sales queries all from automated replies.
  • Grow your business with SocialNowa’s amazing Analytics feature.
  • Auto reply to Instagram comments!
  • Import all your previous messenger subscribers in just 1 click.
  • Auto comment on comments left on posts created by your Facebook Page.
  • Reach existing and potential customer right into their mobile phones.

Here’s What a User of This Automation Platform Has to Say-


This Special Lifetime Plan Includes-

  • Auto Feed – WordPress Feed Post : Unlimited
  • Comment Automation : Auto Comment Campaign : Unlimited
  • Comment Automation : Auto Reply Posts : Unlimited
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Bulk Comment Reply Campaign : Unlimited
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment & Bulk Tag Campaign : Unlimited
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment Hide/Delete and Reply with multimedia content : Unlimited
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Like/Share : Unlimited
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Reply : Unlimited
  • E-commerce Digital Product : Unlimited
  • E-commerce Product Price Variation : Unlimited
  • Email Phone Opt-in Form Builder : 10/Month
  • Facebook Accounts : 10/Month
  • Facebook Pages : 100/Month
  • Facebook Posting : Text/Image/Link/Video Post : Unlimited
  • Facebook Posting : Carousel/Slider Post : Unlimited
  • Hidden Interest Explorer : Unlimited
  • Facebook Posting : CTA Post : Unlimited
  • Hidden Interest Explorer : Unlimited
  • Inbox Conversation Manager : Unlimited
  • Instagram Auto Comment Reply Enable Post : Unlimited
  • Instagram Extended Statistics : Unlimited
  • Instagram Posting : Image/Video Post : Unlimited
  • Instagram Reply Enhancers – Campaigns : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Connectivity : JSON API : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Connectivity : Webview Builder : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Email Auto Responder : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Engagement : Checkbox Plugin : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Engagement : Customer Chat Plugin : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Engagement : Links : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Engagement : Send to Messenger : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Sequence Messaging : Message Send : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Enhancers : Sequence Messaging Campaign : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Persistent Menu : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot – Persistent Menu : Copyright Enabled : Unlimited
  • Messenger Bot : Export, Import & Tree View : Unlimited
  • Messenger E-commerce : 10/Month
    Social Poster – Access : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Account Import : Linkedin : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Account Import : Medium : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Account Import : WordPress : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Account Import : Reddit : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Account Import : Twitter : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – HTML Post : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Image Post : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Link Post : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Text Post : Unlimited
  • Social Poster – Video Post : Unlimited
  • Utility Search Tools : Unlimited
  • Visual flow builder access : Unlimited

Deal Terms-

How to download/activate this product?
This is an online SAAS Tool. After completing your purchase you will receive an instructions document. Follow the instructions to redeem your coupon code and activate your subscription.


Is Lifetime Access available for this product?
Yes, Lifetime Access is available for this product.


This is a lifetime deal. So how long will I have access to this deal? 
As per the terms negotiated with the vendor, you will have lifetime access to this deal.


Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product. 
We do try to get great products with longevity for our customers, but products do get acquired, or sometimes they do go bankrupt. Many of these products are startup companies and hence they give us a great deal for our customers. But in case of an unfortunate situation, where the product does not last long, there is not much DealFuel can do about it.


Are Lifetime Updates available for this product?
Yes lifetime updates are available for this product.


Are these updates available for FREE or PAID?
Yes, updates are available for FREE.


What are the steps to receive these updates?

The software gets updated automatically.


Is this deal for new users only?
YES, this deal is for new users of SocialNowa.


How many users can use the license key/coupon code?
1 User can use 1 license key.


What are the system requirements for this product?
This is a SAAS Tool. Hence all you need is a good internet connection.


Can this product be accessed on all devices?

Yes this product can be accessed on all devices.


Is Lifetime support available for this product?
YES, FREE lifetime support is available for this product.
For support contact: [email protected]


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