Sunday Freebie: Concrete Texture Pack

Stand out with this concrete texture pack

Textures are an integral part of any design process - be it web or otherwise. They accentuate your designs and add a whole new dimension  to it.

These concrete textures can be used to add some great effects to your web designs:

  • Add a depth to your buttons
  • Give a rustic feel to your design so that they can create physical affinity for viewers
  • Create striking backgrounds for a web page
  • Give an amazing feel as textured fonts

Grab this set of concrete textures for free!!

Preview of the Concrete Texture Pack from Design Panoply


Now add the realistic rustic touch to your designs with this awesome texture pack which includes -

  • 6 cement & concrete textures
  • Resolution of 3,000 x 3,000 pixel

What are textures and why use them?

Texture is nothing but the look and feel of the surface of anything be it cloth or website.

If you are a newbie and you are setting out to desining your own website, using texures may seem to be  an unnecessary dimension for your design. But in my personal opinion, a texture can quickly add the uniqueness that one craves for. So contrary to common instint, you may be able to get a jumpstart on your "looks" with textures.

Now that you are convinced that texture can indeed be a boon, here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Add some natural textures like those of flowers, wood, earth or water.
  2. Create artificial textures that compliment your product. For e.g. paper textures, chalk board textures
  3. Create textured fonts for your website
  4. Create 'Noise" with textures to break a stark colour or highlight a particular aspect
  5. Add a textured photograph to your web design

We are happy to hear out more of your textured ideas. Please leave a comment below 🙂

Deal Terms:

  • Available as an instant download.
  • Available in .JPG format.
  • These textures can be used for both personal and commercial projects,
  • Cannot be resold.

Ready to grab these 6 concrete textures absolutely free today?

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