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Mockup, Prototype & Present:

  • 5 Users Plan for Lifetime
  • 100+ Composable Components
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Nestable, functional & fully customized components
  • Mockup For Any Mobile Device
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The future of wireframes is here... Introducing UX-App, an advanced web-based UX designer software.

Now quickly Mockup, Prototype & Present your minimal viable designs in one place comfortably.

  • Rapid Click-through Prototyping
  • Web Sharing
  • Client Review
  • Commenting
  • Component Styling
  • 100+ Nestable, Functional & Scriptable Components
  • Full Component Customization
  • Unique Advanced Containers
  • Powerful Mobile Device Events
  • Advanced Mobile Components
  • Mockup For Any Mobile Device
  • Share Your Work Effortlessly

Start producing wireframes using its drag and drop components. Easily create clickable, fully interactive prototypes with real HTML components, no coding needed.

Also, collaborate with your team and share your work effortlessly with clients

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Watch Out The Highlights Of UX-App, The UX Design Software:


1. Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping has never been this easy, nor this functional! This powerfully advanced web-based tool lets you easily create fully functional prototypes, with no coding necessary.

Rapid Prototyping

Wire up working prototypes for desktop applications, mobile apps, and websites with UX-App's visual actions designer.

Simply stack various logic blocks to customize over 100 advanced components from working carousels to nested list views. There's even a slew of mobile options. Speed up your software prototypes.


2. 100+ Composable Components

UX-App : Nestable, Functional Components

Nest and combine 100+ components, compose custom auto-updating components with 1 click. 1500+ icons, 20 unique mobile components & fully functional mobile layout engines. It builds fully functional Web and mobile prototypes - native HTML components.


3. Full Component Customization

UX-App : Nest and combine 100+ components

Completely customize component styling to your preferred look & feel. Easily update styling to reach high fidelity test-ready prototypes.


4. Unique Advanced Containers

Unique Advanced Containers

Uses fully functional components like carousels, modals, tabs, accordions, tables, maps and more to simulate the exact behavior you need. Add working components such as carousels, tabs, tables, maps, accordions and more. Perfectly functional on any device.


5. Powerful Events

Powerful Events

Wire up working prototypes for desktop applications, mobile apps, and websites with our visual actions designer. 30+ powerful events to rapidly resize, scale, animate, style, and re-position components.


6. Advanced Mobile Components

Advanced Mobile Components70+ fully functional web & mobile components with advanced event handling and animation.


7. Mockup For Any Mobile Device

Mockup For Any Mobile Device

Completely customize components to meet your style. Create unlimited projects for web and mobile using 1000+ SVG icons. Google Fonts integration for both web and mobile.


8. Share Your Work Effortlessly

Collaborate, Share effortlessly and Export your data using UX-App. Easily share with your team - pass on a share link or export working HTML to get a jump on your product. Discuss components with teammates or clients using per page or per component threaded comments.

  • Invite your team members to comment on your designs, use team chat, share links & chat.
  • Share via embed code or link to your prototypes & get feedback with clients or stakeholders directly.
  • Export your design to PNG or fully functional HTML & JavaScript ready for testing and feedback.



  • Lifetime access to UX-App
  • All Collaboration Features
  • Invite upto 4 additional users
  • Unlimited Image Storage
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Lifetime access to all future features


Pricing Of This Advanced UX Design Software:

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Deal Terms:

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  • You will get access to the 5 Users Plan with this deal.
  • You will get full access to all the UX-App features.
  • The lifetime access is a one-off payment, with no ongoing fees or charges!
  • Note: This is a web-based app.


Gain complete control over your project’s structure.


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6 reviews for UX-App: An All-In-One Prototyping Tool For Web & Mobile | Lifetime Access

  1. [email protected]


  2. studio

    Easy mockup app. Great to prepare wireframes, sitemaps, visualizations, etc. Also allows creating a customer journey with visual actions, covering most of UX needs. I like the interface and way how the app works. This what could be added is more templates or possibility to import templates from Sketch or XD. For this price, no brainer 😉

  3. soportercc

    Excellent app, it is above all very intuitive. We are a team of 3 people in my web design company and we really love it, as we work on the prototypes from different locations without any problem.

  4. jmgalo

    I have an ecommerce and continiusly create new layouts and propposals for A/B testing so this tool will help us to make our work easy and fast, this is the tool we have been looking for!

  5. Jitin Sipahimalani

    Truly Excellent Lifetime Deal. UX-App has a very clean interface and is easy to use to quickly create prototypes. Surely a must have if you want to save on recurring monthly costs.

  6. [email protected]

    Great Tool! Works fine!

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