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Get the basic skills you need to begin your career as a visual design specialist.

Get the knowledge of typography, iconography, colour, space, and texture with these 12 Photoshop Visual Design Expert eCourses:

  • 66+ Hours OF HD VIDEOS
  • Verifiable CERTIFICATION
  • Accelerate YOUR CAREER

Develop a strong understanding of how design, form, materials, lighting, colour & environment play roles in visualization.

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A Sneak Peek Inside The Photoshop Visual Design Expert Bundle!



Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle - 1 to 3 Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle - 4 to 6 Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle - 7 to 9 Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle - 10 to 12 Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle - 13 to 14


Details Of All The 12 eCourses Included In This Bundle:


• 01 Photoshop – Beginners :

This course in Adobe Photoshop Cs6 is all you need to know to start using Adobe Photoshop just right now. This training is not an overview of the software.

It is an actual intensive training in understanding all the key features of this software, its tools, designing a card, designing a graphic, understanding the photo editor both black and white and colour.


• 02 Photoshop – Advanced:

This Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6 course will enable you to learn about the advanced features through practical examples i.e. how to make effective use of Advanced Photoshop CS6.

The course will also enable you to learn about the assignments i.e. how to do the editing and formatting of the images through the use of Adobe Photoshop CS6.


• 03 Photoshop – Logo Designing Photoshop (Using):

This logo designing photoshop course is intended for the students who don’t have any entry-level knowledge in the field of the art, yet trying to be a wonderful graphic designer.

The lectures are equipped with the powerful practical material through which you will learn how to create fantastic Logos using Photoshop, Illustrator or any software of the Graphic Designing category. However, the classes are all carried out in Adobe Photoshop CS6 but the tricks and methods that are used to achieve the results can be worked out in every similar software.


• 04 Photoshop – Designing Applications:

Would you like to learn how to design a mobile app? This course takes you through step by step learning in designing an Android App in Photoshop. You will get a comprehensive course material with hours of content that will take you through every major step of application design.


• 05 Photoshop – Online Brochure Designing Using Photoshop:

In this online brochure designing using Photoshop course, you will gain hands-on practical knowledge about the Print Media Industry, which usually is obtained only after making the entry into the Print Design Industry.

By taking this comprehensive course you will come to know the methods, techniques, and tricks of the Industry before you even get the reach of practical working conditions.


• 06 Photoshop – Designing Flat UI Elements using Photoshop:

With this course “Designing UI Elements” you will able to create professional UI elements on your own. Many UI Designers and Graphic/Web designers stumble in the early days of the career to design a good set of UI elements. Unaware of making use of them in several different projects because of the lack of knowledge of tweaking and adjusting them with minor changes.

With this UI Elements course, it is an end to all those googling and downloading the UI elements. Now you will be able to work it out on your own.


• 07 Photoshop – Professional Jewellery Designing:

In this jewellery designing course, students will gain hands-on practical knowledge about jewellery crafting. By taking this comprehensive course you will come to know the methods, techniques and tricks of the designing industry before you even get the reach of practical working conditions.

Overall, this course works very well for those who have entered into jewellery designing or graphic designing. Also, those who want to know expert methods or techniques for creating traditional or other simple jewellery items.


• 08 Photoshop – Photoshop for Web Designer - Graphic Designers:

Adobe is the world’s unprecedented creative and multimedia software tycoon. And Photoshop is the crown jewel of Adobe’s throne. The software redefined the way images are edited and treated. Over that, it revolutionized the graphic designing vertical which further inspired millions of artists worldwide.

Over the years, Photoshop developed from a small photo editing tool to an Industry leading software that dictates the global graphic designing and multimedia industries. With every new version, Adobe introduces in the Photoshop, the graphics designing communities wait to check out the next big leap where Photoshop can take them.


• 09 Photoshop - Website Layout Design Using Photoshop Training:

The first and often most crucial steps in web design are forming a website layout examples. When you brainstorm a brief for a new website, deciding and forming the layout should be first on your agenda.

A website’s layout can either make or break it. Poor website layout can, for instance, lead to poor navigation and impact your search engine page results. It could also lead to problems in expanding or adding more features to your website. A poorly designed website can also turn off lots of visitors and potential clients. If they cannot find the information or product/service they want on your site, why would they stay?

At the same time, a good layout can be the foundation for good website design. It ensures that every page is where it is, and all the pages are well connected with each other. Within each page, all the information is arranged for easy readability. Visitors are able to get what they want within a few clicks and can navigate around the site easily through the well-placed links. A good website layout could significantly increase your site’s conversion rates, without changing anything else.


• 10 Photoshop – UI Designing:

EduCBA brings you this short course on User Interface with Photoshop. User Interface with Photoshop is interesting and won’t you be interested to learn about the same?

In this short course, you will be concentrating on the User Interface with Photoshop. You will learn in detail about the same.


• 11 Photoshop – Additional Readings:

Contemplating the upcoming global scenarios where Three Dimension technology is going to play a key role in most of the everyday technologies. Especially in the field of Automobile Designing, Photoshop is playing a vital role in importing, colouring and rendering an Automobile before production.

With the recent launch that embraces the 3D technology, Automobile, and many other manufacturing companies has started using Photoshop in a totally new way. Through this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Photoshop CC. You will get through the important tools and features that will make it easy to learn Photoshop CC version.


• 12 Photoshop –Adobe Photoshop Course | Additional Readings:

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo and image editing application solutions which are considered a cornerstone of professional digital image creation. This is known as the best productivity software in the field.

It is important to note that this is not a drawing program. Photoshop can be used to construct original images and graphics from scratch, but there are difficulties and limitations inherent in this. Photoshop is not intended for use in this kind of work.

It is essentially an image editing tool and not a designing tool. You can use special programs in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop for superior results.


• Sketching Using Photoshop:

EduCBA brings you this short course on Sketching Using Wacom. In this short course, we will be concentrating on Sketching Using Wacom.


• Magazine Designing using Photoshop and Corel Draw:

This course is intended for the students who don’t have any entry-level knowledge in the field of art. Yet trying to be a wonderful graphic designer.

The lectures are equipped with powerful practical material. With it, you can learn how to create fantastic magazines using Photoshop, Corel Draw or any software of the Graphic Designing category.


What People Say About Visual Design Expert eCourses Bundle:


Rebecca Smith

As a graphics professional and an editor for an online magazine, I have used this course to educate and guide myself about the essence of image resizing. Cogent, cohesive and comprehensive, this course strikes a balance between practice and theory which makes for a difference.


John Garland:

I have over 35 years of experience in the field of image creation solutions and have worked as a freelance professional for many prints and online media outlets. As a course, this particular offering has the advantages of being systematic and precise while delivering the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop in a useful and handy way.


Debbie Jones:

As a professional illustrator for children’s books, image resizing software is something I need to use on a daily basis. This Adobe Photoshop course has provided me with the capability to be able to create professional images high on quality and clarity with excellent visual effects.


Deal Terms:

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  • You can access the course online on Educba website.
  • Verifiable certificates for each course included in the bundle with a unique link.
  • For more details - https://www.educba.com/terms-and-conditions/


Learn the quintessential software skills needed to become a visual design expert.


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