Sneak peek into the scripts with commercial license:

VideoTube - Video CMS - Details

Videotube is a video sharing script that allows people to create video blogs and platforms like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion.

HoverAlls - Hover Effects Framework - Details

A super-lightweight all-in-one framework for creating nearly any type of animation - without any coding experience


Hyena - GIF Animation Controls - Details

Hyena is a lightweight, responsive and powerful solution for customizing animated GIF playback

VanGuard - Marketplace Digital Products PHP - Details

Based on systematic UI library

Contacto - Advanced PHP & AJAX Contact Form With Bootstrap - Details

A simple contact form that uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, PHP and Object Oriented PHP clean and easy to read the codes

Uptime Monitor - Details

Website Uptime Monitor is a modern and lightweight web application for easy monitoring apps and websites online.

jQuery Zoomer - Details

Classborn jQuery Zoomer is the tool to give interaction not just to diagrams and maps, also floor plans, cubicle assignment, org charts, circuit diagrams, anatomy maps, mazes or labyrinths, any picture or photograph.

MyAdServer - Details

MyAdServer is a powerful advertising platform for an advertising agency. In MyAdServer Script – advertisers, publishers list their ad spaces on ad network and advertisers purchase those ad spaces.

Pure CSS Star Rating - Details

This widget is built entirely with CSS and HTML, includes realistic hover forward select and hover back diselect effects like the ones you find in Javascript powered rating widgets plus 6 color themes and 5 different styles included.

Flat Audio Player - Details

A flat audio player is a audio player having all the functionalities of the usual audio player plus a great look and a great feel.

YouTube Media Script - Details

A simple and powerful media script that lets you build your online media site in under a minute. It is powered by YouTube and it is fully automated so you don’t need to do anything. It features popular YouTube videos, channels and user profiles. You can also easily monetize this by adding your advertisement code.

YouTube URL Shortner with Adsense Revenue Sharing - Details

AdsTube allows you to short your youtube video url and add you adsense publisher ID and monetize your content. You can also share your revenue with your customers with the percentage you want, as it is already done, the revenue sharing system is working with 50% off.

Deal Terms:

  • Delivered as an instant download once you purchase the deal
  • Support & updates will be provided for 1 year
  • Extended license (commercial license) included. Learn more details here –

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