Learn AngularJS by Building 10 Projects

AngularJS: A framework that lets you enhance your HTML for web apps.

AngularJS, released in the year 2009, has experienced exponential growth in its usage ever since. To become a successful web developer, you must learn AngularJS because with time, it is going to be as essential as HTML.

That's why we bring you a comprehensive AngularJS training program that will help you understand the concepts behind it.

Course Highlights:

  • Over 76 lectures and 14.5 hours of content!
  • Build 10 professional apps & websites using cutting edge AngularJS techniques
  • Get royalty free apps to build money making websites

Grab this course and learn AngularJS for just $19 (DealClub $14.25)

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So why use AngularJS?

  • AngularJS uses directives to add new mark-ups to HTML and turns static HTML files in to something dynamic. It is an innovative approach to incorporating HTML and developing big web applications.
  • AngularJS organizes views, controllers, directives, filters and such other elements in to separate modules. This division becomes convenient for building and managing an application.
  • AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection system and is unit-testable.
  • AngularJS uses data-binding directives to provide a projection of the model to the application view. It automates synchronization of data between model and view components. This allows developers to avoid writing a considerable amount of boilerplate code.
  • AngularJS has a built-in template engine consisting of plain HTML pages (views) as well as controllers written in JavaScript to build rich user interfaces.
  • AngularJS uses directives to extend HTML dialect by creating new HTML elements and attributes as well as custom HTML tags that work as new widgets.

Course Curriculum:

  • SECTION 1: Start Here
  • SECTION 2: Basic Angular Website
  • SECTION 3: Web Template Store
  • SECTION 4: MyContacts App
  • SECTION 5: NGSocial Facebook App
  • SECTION 6: Job Directory
  • SECTION 7: Knowledge Base
  • SECTION 8: User Authentication App
  • SECTION 9: Instagram Gallery
  • SECTION 10: PubNub Chat
  • SECTION 11: AutoFind
  • SECTION 12: Summary

What others are saying...

"Extremely useful! Haven't completed the course yet but have already learnt a lot. Thoroughly enjoyed this course! The instructor was very clear, easy to understand and helpful." - Yaso Nagapuri

"Great way to learn AngularJS. This is a great class! I'm over 1/2 way through and I'm learning heaps!! Easy to follow, easy to understand. It is really helpful and the explanations are really deep and understandable." - Vernon Emrit

"Amazing Course! Thoroughly enjoyed this course! The instructor was very clear, easy to understand helpful, and presented at a good pace. I highly recommend this course!" - Chatara Dunk

Deal Terms:

  • You will receive a 100% off course access link in a doc file after payment.
  • You get lifetime access to this course once purchased.
  • 30 days refund policy.
  • Course completion certificate.

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