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1. Adobe Illustrator Course From Scratch - Details

learn-adobe-illustrator-from-scratch-Web Design Tutorial for Beginners Bundle

  • 41 lectures and 10.5 hours of video
  • Create amazing graphics for Web, Video and Film.
  • Learn expert tips and tricks
  • Advanced design and graphics work
  • Basic Illustrator techniques Pen Tool, Transforming, Gradient, Types & Panels, Design, Perspective, and Automation
  • Pen Tool, Transforming, Gradient, Types & Panels, Design, Perspective, and Automation

2. Beginners Guide to Modeling with Maya - Details

Modeling with maya-Web Design Tutorial for Beginners Bundle

  • 32 lectures and 7 hours of video
  • Core understanding of Maya
  • 3D computer animation software
  • Industry standard 3D applications
  • Basic tools like interface, viewports, transforming objects, saving projects, modeling
  • Process of building a 3D excavator from scratch
  • Maya workspace and the UI

3. Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Designers - Details

advance-photoshop-techniques-Web Design Tutorial for Beginners Bundle

  • 18 lectures and 5 hours of video
  • How to use and manipulate advance Photoshop techniques to produce more interesting photos
  • How to retouch beauty photos including retouching hair, face, skin, lips and even teeth
  • How to work with Adobe extensions such as Lightroom, Bridge and Camera Raw
  • Quick retouching techniques for men and women
  • How to retouch photos to accentuate lighting
  • Understanding the difference between lighting photos for portrait, product, fashion and creative

4. Logo Design Course for Beginners - Details

logo-design-Web Design Tutorial for Beginners Bundle

  • 21 lectures and 6 hours of video
  • Company Branding – how to brand yourself, your company and create a brand for the company
  • Illustrator tools and techniques – a plethora of different tools that you can use to create awesome designs
  • Marketing yourself as a designer - tips to make it in the design business
  • In-depth information about logos – anything and everything you might need to know about logos
  • All the business workings of how to be a designer
  • Learn how to set up, make, and display eye-catching logos

5. Adobe Indesign From Scratch - Details

indesign-Web Design Tutorial for Beginners Bundle

  • 40 lecturs and 7.5 hours of video
  • The ins and outs of the InDesign interface
  • Learn various features of InDesign including tools, panels, menus, workspaces, navigating, etc.
  • How to create documents, mastering pages and sections
  • Learn various keyboard shortcuts and unlimited undo's
  • Understand what is a text frame, the anatomy of the text frame, how to place text and how to modify text
  • Where, how and where to use different tools
  • Modifying and working with different fonts
  • Incorporating graphics within the document and working with text
  • Styling paragraphs, characters, nests, objects, etc.
  • How to export the document into different formats for printing

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