24 Awesome Gifts for Designers and Developers

The holiday season is around the corner, and the only thing to uplift an overworked web designer’s or developer's mood – besides grandma’s famous rum cake of course– is a set of amazingly cool gifts that they would actually find a use for.
Let’s face it, no one likes those hideous Christmas sweater with ugly reindeers crocheted across!

And whether it’s a holiday gift for a designer or developer friend or one for their birthday, you need to be particularly choosy. Not because designers and developers are fussy people but because we deserve it after dealing with the type of clients we deal with, in short clients from hell.

So, if you are clueless about what would make a great eye-popping, a rare smile-inducing gift for a designer or a developer, we got your back. We asked – read bribed and coerced and even threatened – a few of our friends to come together and list off some great gifts for designers and developers.

You’d notice the list gives items like door to Narnia and the light saber excluded from it because a) if we had those, we’d keep it only for ourselves and b) our overworked designers and developers don’t have the time for those, remember?

And if you are a designer or a developer reading this, desperately in need of some great gifts that would make work easy, then casually print this post and leave it on the family couch for a subtle hint at what you want for Christmas.

And if that doesn’t work pin this on every door in the house.

Also on the family dog and cat (if they’d let you), for subtle hinting of course!

Check out this awesome list of gifts for designers and developers and geeks:

For Designers:

  1. 100 Super Premium Infographic Templates
    100 super infographics dealWhatever industry you work in, these are great design kits for you to start fiddling around and building your own infographics.
  2. Mastering App Presentation: An ultimate ebook to selling design work
    Ultimate ebook to selling design work image
    This eBook will teach you hands-on design techniques that will help you successfully pitch ideas to push your sales.
  3. 100+ Graphics: Hero Header Mockups, Textures and Backgrounds

    awesome-garphics-packThis awesome graphic pack includes 20 Hero Header Mockup Templates and 85 High-resolution Textures and Backgrounds.
  4. Pivotal Mobile UI and UX Design eCourse
    Pivotal Mobile UI and UX course feature imageGet a complete understanding of Mobile UI/UX design process and current trends and development through this course.
  5. CSS Hat 2: Convert Photoshop layers into CSS instantly
    CSS HAT 2.0
    An ultimate workflow booster for web designers. This magical Photoshop plugin that converts all your Photoshop layers into pure CSS3.
  6. 198 Fully editable Typography Overlays with Fonts
    Overlays are required every other second. And with the festive season going around, they are the most wanted resource. This pack gets you 198 fully editable typography presets.
  7. 125 High resolution royalty-free stock photos
    125 royalty-free stock photos of urban and scenery locations that you can use for unlimited commercial purposes without any additional fee or need of attribution.
  8. Learn Typography from A to Z - eCourse
    Learn typography right from the basics to the level of a pro!
  9. Create a character with character creation kit
    preview - 480x326
    Lacking viewer engagement on your site? Increase engagement by giving your visitors someone to connect with - like a character on your website.
  10. 10000+ web design resources - BundleStorm V2
    This ginormous bundle of bundles includes more than 10000+ web design resources.
  11. 7 Exquisite email templates

    To add freshness to your newsletters and make them even better, we bring 7 exquisite newsletter templates that will rock your newsletter marketing campaigns.

For Developers

  1. MeteorJS tutorial with 10 live projects
    projects in meteorjs
    Meteor JS tutorial will teach you major Meteor JS concepts and its real-time functioning by making you build 10 fully-functional apps for mobile and the web.
  2. SitePoint's advanced web development ebook bundle
    Advanced Web Development eBook Bundle
    Get ahead of the pack with this fantastic eBook bundle from SitePoint
  3. Build mobile app with this complete programming bundle
    A complete programming bundle to build mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
  4. Become a full-fledged Android developer & build 21 apps
  5. Learn NodeJS by building 10 practical projects
    Join the likes of Walmart, Paypal & Groupon and enhance your system performance with Node.js
  6. Learn to design a website with Open Source CMS
    Looking to get a head start on working with open source CMS and designing a website?Your search ends right here!
  7. Learn how to build a WordPress site and market it
    Don't be one of the 'I wish I had' people out there. Start your very own website today.
  8. 3-in-1 WordPress bundle for developers

    • Course 1: Creating a business website with responsive design
    • Course 2: Scratch-building WordPress themes with Photoshop
    • Course 3: WordPress plugin development for beginners
  9. 22 Awesome WordPress themes from TeslaThemes 2. tesla22themes
    Make your website more personalized with 22 latest Tesla WordPress Themes
  10. Learn HTML and HTML5 online with ease
    learn html online
    HTML is like oxygen to the web. Here's something to give you a quick start in your HTML learning!
  11. Learn AngularJS by building 10 projects
    Learn AngularJS
    A comprehensive AngularJS training program that will help you understand the concepts behind it.
  12. Learn Foundation framework by building 10 apps
    Learn Foundation Framework (1)
    Foundation - The most advanced front-end framework in the world is now knocking at your door.
  13. 120+ Best WordPress themes and eCommerce themes
    best wordpress themesA mega bundle of best WordPress themes & eCommerce themes that will not only inspire you but will also come in handy when you're struggling to meet your project deadlines.

We'll continue adding more gifts for designers and developers in this list. So, stay tuned.


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    1. Thank you! It is stunning to see that good list of gifts. I will use it for a party of software development company where I work. I am sure the developers will be happy!

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